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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2004-01Black BOX: []Painting a Digital Picture of Documented MemoryPentes, T; Edmonds, E; Gibson, R
2021Earth Observation: Data, Processing and Applications. Volume 3A: Applications—Terrestrial VegetationHarrison, BA; Gibson, R; Bastin, G; Thackway, R; Huete, A; Donald, G; Lyons, M; Sparks, T; Byrne, G; Lewis, MM; Xie, Q
2019-12-01Effect of constructing twin tunnels under a building supported by pile foundations in the Sydney central business districtKhabbaz, H; Gibson, R; Fatahi, B
2016The Ethnological Court at the Garden PalaceVanni Accarigi, I; O'Callaghan, G; Gibson, R; Jones, J
2015Having the conversation: creative engagement methods for inclusivity in regional cultural planningAndersen, LJ; Malone, M; Ashton, P; Gibson, C; Gibson, R
2004-01Informing the Everyday Interface: Exploring User-Content Relationships in Interactive ArtSmith, K; Hagen, P; Edmonds, E; Gibson, R
2004-01Interaction Theory and the ArtworkJones, SR; Edmonds, E; Gibson, R
2015Mainstreaming Culture: Integrating the Cultural Dimension into Local GovernmentAshton, P; Boaden, S; Ashton, P; Gibson, C; Gibson, R
2004-01Mobile Fictions, Interactivity & the Social Reconfiguration of Public SpaceChandler, A; Edmonds, E; Gibson, R
2006Parabolic by Design: Two different but related visions from early twentieth-century SydneyGibson, R
2004-01Presence, Interaction and 'Data Space'Leggett, MG; Edmonds, E; Gibson, R
2004-01The Rise of Digital Multimedia SystemsGibson, RJ; Edmonds, E; Gibson, R
2006Subtropical Rock: Rediscovering Ed Kuepper and the SaintsGibson, R
2004-01Uncanny Interactions: A Digital Medium for Networked E.motionTurner, GA; Neumark, N; Miranda, M; Weakley, AJ; Edmonds, E; Gibson, R
2016-01-01Value, but high costs in post-deposition data CurationHoopen, PT; Amid, C; Buttigieg, PL; Pafilis, E; Bravakos, P; O-Tárraga, AMC; Gibson, R; Kahlke, T; Legaki, A; Murthy, KN; Papastefanou, G; Pereira, E; Rossello, M; Toribio, AL; Cochrane, G
2005-01Voluntary associations and political participationPassey, AC; Lyons, MJ; Wilson, S; Meagher, G; Gibson, R; Denemark, D; Western, M
2010-01Vox humana: The Instrumental Representation of the Human Voicevan Leeuwen, T; Neumark, N; Gibson, R; van Leeuwen, T