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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020-06-30Are We All ‘BBC Dad’ Now? What Covid-19 Restrictions Reveal About Comedy, Class, Paid Work, Parenting and GenderGiuffre, E
2016-02-01"Austin Powers: Intentional Music Man"Evans, M; Giuffre, E; Evans, M; Hayward, P
2013Countdown and cult music television programmes: an Australian case studyGiuffre, E
2021-11-13Critical Distance: Creative Writing as a Critic-FanGiuffre, E
2012“Entering the Labyrinth: How Henson and Bowie Created a Musical Fantasy”Giuffre, E; Halfard, J
2014-01-01“Exploring the Acoustic Environment of the Montreal Metro by Doing the ‘Dou-Dou-Dou’”Giuffre, E; Sharp, L
2022-07-21Finding the ‘perfect blend’ in an undervalued genre: Considering the importance of ‘ordinariness’ in Australian soap opera NeighboursAttfield, S; Giuffre, E
2011Groovy Baby! Disguising musical comedy in the Austin Powers' trilogyEvans, MS; Giuffre, E; Homan, S; Cattermole, J
2016-01-01The lost history of jazz on early Australian popular music televisionGiuffre, E; Johnson, B
2014“The lost history of jazz on early Australian popular music television”Giuffre, E
2018-05-20Negotiating Trans-Tasman Musical Identities: Conversations with Neil and Tim FinnGiuffre, E; Brunt, S; Stahl, G
2016-06-15Not The Boy Next Door: Reconsidering Television in the Musical MiniseriesGiuffre, E
2017Scope: Screen industry viewsJudah, T; Harris, L; Golding, D; Giuffre, E; Parker, S
2016-02-01Sounding Funny: The Importance of Hearing the JokeGiuffre, E; Evans, M; Evans, M; Hayward, P
2020-11-24The singing voice used to evoke unease, discomfort and violenceGiuffre, E; Thorley, M; Evans, M; Huges, D