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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016-06-03Amyloid β accumulation and inner retinal degenerative changes in Alzheimer's disease transgenic mouseGupta, VK; Chitranshi, N; Gupta, VB; Golzan, M; Dheer, Y; Wall, RV; Georgevsky, D; King, AE; Vickers, JC; Chung, R; Graham, S
2014-01-01BDNF impairment is associated with age-related changes in the inner retina and exacerbates experimental glaucomaGupta, V; You, Y; Li, J; Golzan, M; Klistorner, A; van den Buuse, M; Graham, S
2022-01-28Impact of COVID-19 pandemic on ophthalmic presentations to an Australian outer metropolitan and rural emergency department: a retrospective comparative study.Leung, KFC; Golzan, M; Egodage, C; Rodda, S; Cracknell, R; Macken, P; Kaushik, S
-Insights from a Bibliometrics-Based Analysis of Publishing and Research Trends on Cerium Oxide from 1990 to 2020Fleming, CL; Wong, J; Golzan, M; Gunawan, C; McGrath, KC
2019-09-01Investigating the effects of air pollutant nanoparticles on the onset or progression of Alzheimer's diseaseFleming, C; Gunawan, C; Golzan, M; Torpy, F; Irga, P; Mcgrath, K
2016-06-22One protein, multiple pathologies: multifaceted involvement of amyloid β in neurodegenerative disorders of the brain and retinaGupta, V; Gupta, VB; Chitranshi, N; Gangoda, S; Vander Wall, R; Abbasi, M; Golzan, M; Dheer, Y; Shah, T; Avolio, A; Chung, R; Martins, R; Graham, S
2018The Photonics IoT and HealthCanning, J; Golzan, M; Ast, S
2017-10-01Quantitative Retinal Vascular Changes in Obstructive Sleep ApneaTong, JY; Golzan, M; Georgevsky, D; Williamson, JP; Graham, SL; Farah, CS; Fraser, CL
2023-01-01RVD: A Handheld Device-Based Fundus Video Dataset for Retinal Vessel SegmentationKhan, MW; Sheng, H; Zhang, H; Du, H; Wang, S; Coroneo, MT; Hajati, F; Shariflou, S; Kalloniatis, M; Phu, J; Agar, A; Huang, Z; Golzan, M; Yu, X
2021-01-01SSP: Early prediction of sepsis using fully connected LSTM-CNN model.Rafiei, A; Rezaee, A; Hajati, F; Gheisari, S; Golzan, M
-Systematic and Bibliometric Analysis of Magnetite Nanoparticles and Their Applications in (Biomedical) ResearchFleming, CL; Golzan, M; Gunawan, C; McGrath, KC