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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2022-12-30A novel initialization method of fixed point continuation for recommendation systemsZhao, J; Zhang, T; Sun, Q; Huo, H; Gong, M
2017-01-01Causal discovery from temporally aggregated time seriesGong, M; Zhang, K; Schölkopf, B; Glymour, C; Tao, D
2017-12-22A Coarse-Fine Network for Keypoint LocalizationHuang, S; Gong, M; Tao, D
-COVID-19 and Gut InjuryShen, S; Gong, M; Wang, G; Dua, K; Xu, J; Xu, X; Liu, G
2022-06-01DCFGAN: An adversarial deep reinforcement learning framework with improved negative sampling for session-based recommender systemsZhao, J; Li, H; Qu, L; Zhang, Q; Sun, Q; Huo, H; Gong, M
2016-01-01Domain adaptation with conditional transferable componentsGong, M; Zhang, K; Liu, T; Tao, D; Glymour, C; Scholkopf, B
2021-08-01Experimental Quantum Generative Adversarial Networks for Image GenerationHuang, HL; Du, Y; Gong, M; Zhao, Y; Wu, Y; Wang, C; Li, S; Liang, F; Lin, J; Xu, Y; Yang, R; Liu, T; Hsieh, MH; Deng, H; Rong, H; Peng, CZ; Lu, CY; Chen, YA; Tao, D; Zhu, X; Pan, JW
2022-10-15Fast weighted CP decomposition for context-aware recommendation with explicit and implicit feedbackZhao, J; Zheng, S; Huo, H; Gong, M; Zhang, T; Qu, L
2021-01-01FolkRank++: An optimization of folkrank tag recommendation algorithm integrating user and item informationZhao, J; Zhang, Q; Sun, Q; Huo, H; Xiao, Y; Gong, M
2017-09-01Large-Cone Nonnegative Matrix FactorizationLiu, T; Gong, M; Tao, D
2022-08-01Learning multi-level weight-centric features for few-shot learningLiang, M; Huang, S; Pan, S; Gong, M; Liu, W
-Loss of Hyaluronan and Proteoglycan Link Protein-1 Induces Tumorigenesis in Colorectal CancerWang, Y; Xu, X; Marshall, JE; Gong, M; Zhao, Y; Dua, K; Hansbro, PM; Xu, J; Liu, G
2018-12-01MoE-SPNet: A mixture-of-experts scene parsing networkFu, H; Gong, M; Wang, C; Tao, D
2019-01-01Multi-scale masked 3-D U-Net for brain tumor segmentationXu, Y; Gong, M; Fu, H; Tao, D; Zhang, K; Batmanghelich, K
2022-12Temporal Network Embedding for Link Prediction via VAE Joint Attention Mechanism.Jiao, P; Guo, X; Jing, X; He, D; Wu, H; Pan, S; Gong, M; Wang, W