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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2023-01-013D Shape Temporal Aggregation for Video-Based Clothing-Change Person Re-identificationHan, K; Huang, Y; Gong, S; Huang, Y; Wang, L; Tan, T
2023-03-01A method of estimating imperviousness for the catchment modelling of urban environmentsGong, S; Ball, J; Surawski, N
2020-01-30A Non-linear Model of Rubber Shear Springs Validated by ExperimentsGong, S; Oberst, S; Wang, X; Lacarbonara, W; Balachandran, B; Ma, J; Tenreiro Machado, JA; Stepan, G
2020-04-30Ambient Backscatter Communication NetworksHoang, DT; Niyato, D; Kim, DI; Huynh, NV; Gong, S
2020-04-30Ambient Backscatter Communication NetworksHoang, DT; Niyato, D; Kim, DI; Huynh, NV; Gong, S
2020-05-01An experimentally validated rubber shear spring model for vibrating flip-flow screensGong, S; Oberst, S; Wang, X
2022-12-12An initial parameter estimation approach for urban catchment modellingGong, S; Ball, JE; Surawski, N
2022-01-01Aperiodic Event-triggered Synchronization Control for Neural Networks with Stochastic Perturbations and Time DelayGong, S; Guo, Z; Liu, M; Wen, S; Huang, T
2019-10-01Applications of Deep Reinforcement Learning in Communications and Networking: A SurveyLuong, NC; Hoang, DT; Gong, S; Niyato, D; Wang, P; Liang, YC; Kim, DI
2020Backscatter-assisted hybrid relaying strategy for wireless powered IoT communicationsXie, Y; Xu, Z; Gong, S; Xu, J; Hoang, DT; Niyato, D
2023-01-01Bayesian Optimization Enhanced Deep Reinforcement Learning for Trajectory Planning and Network Formation in Multi-UAV NetworksGong, S; Wang, M; Gu, B; Zhang, W; Hoang, DT; Niyato, D
2018-02-01Beam-Shaping Technique Based on Generalized Laws of Refraction and ReflectionZhang, P; Gong, S; Mittra, R
2021-01-01Boosting Secret Key Generation for IRS-Assisted Symbiotic Radio CommunicationsLiu, Y; Wang, M; Xu, J; Gong, S; Dinh, TH; Niyato, D
2020-05-20"Borrowing Arrows with Thatched Boats": The Art of Defeating Reactive Jammers in IoT NetworksHoang, DT; Nguyen, DN; Alsheikh, MA; Gong, S; Dutkiewicz, E; Niyato, D; Han, Z
2020-09-01Capitalizing Backscatter-Aided Hybrid Relay Communications With Wireless Energy HarvestingGong, S; Zou, Y; Hoang, DT; Xu, J; Cheng, W; Niyato, D
2021Deep Reinforcement Learning for Robust Beamforming in IRS-assisted Wireless CommunicationsLin, J; Zou, Y; Dong, X; Gong, S; Hoang, DT; Niyato, D
2019-12-01Defend jamming attacks: How to make enemies become friendsDInh, TH; Alsheikh, MA; Gong, S; Niyato, D; Han, Z; Liang, YC
2017-01-01A dual-patch polarization rotation reflective surface and its application to ultra-wideband RCS reductionJia, Y; Liu, Y; Guo, YJ; Li, K; Gong, S
2019-04-15Dynamic analysis of vibrating flip-flow screens equipped with support and shear rubber springsGong, S; Oberst, S; Wang, X
2021-01-01Dynamic Federated Learning-Based Economic Framework for Internet-of-VehiclesSaputra, YM; Hoang, DT; Nguyen, DN; Tran, L-N; Gong, S; Dutkiewicz, E