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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018-01-02A career in professional services: accident, serendipity or something more?Regan, JA; Graham, C
2013-04-01Changing technologies, changing identities: A case study of professional staff and their contributions to learning and teachingGraham, C
2008-01Communicating Commemorationvan den Hoven, E; Smeenk, W; Bilsen, H; Zimmermann, R; de Waart, S; van Turnhout, K; Graham, C; Rouncefield, M
2008-01Email as co-habitat in distributed organisationsLeung, LT; Humphreys, TJ; Weakley, AJ; Bidwell, N; Vetere, F; Satchell, C; Graham, C; Muhlberger, R; Lui, C
2019-02-01Entry requirements in nursing: Results from a national survey of nurse academics on entry requirements in Australian bachelor of nursing programsRalph, N; Graham, C; Beccaria, L; Rogers, C
2016-11-01Exploring the contribution of professional staff to student outcomes: a comparative study of Australian and UK case studiesGraham, C; Regan, JA
2019-02-01Exploring ways to elevate women’s leadership voices to achieve career longevity and gender parityGray, T; Bates, K; Graham, C; Han, F
2010-06-01Hearing the voices of general staff: A delphi study of the contributions of general staff to student outcomesGraham, C
2018-01-01Introduction: Mortality in designGraham, C; Smith, W; Moncur, W; van den Hoven, E
2019-11-02Letter from the editorsBentley, PJ; Graham, C
2019-07-04Letter from the editorsBentley, PJ; Graham, C
2019-03-04Letter from the EditorsBentley, PJ; Graham, C
2019-05-04Letter from the editorsBentley, PJ; Graham, C
2019-01-02Letter from the editorsBentley, PJ; Graham, C
2022-01-01Letter from the editorsBentley, PJ; Graham, C
2022-01-01Letter from the editorsBentley, PJ; Graham, C
2018-03-04Navigating a career in tertiary education management in an era of unceasing transformationDavis, H; Graham, C
2019-09-01Outcomes Study Report: Impact of STEAM and game based learning grants programs in improving student engagement and learning outcomes, and building teacher skills in technology-enhanced learning in public schools within low income communities in Central Manila, Philippines.Hunter, J; Graham, C
2008-01Reflections on the role of Seeding in Social DesignHagen, P; MacFarlane, J; Vetere, F; Graham, C; Satchell, C
2008-01Resolving Ambiguity of Scope in Remote Collaboration: A Study in Film ScoringPhalip, J; Jean, D; Edmonds, EA; Vetere, F; Graham, C; Satchell, C