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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021-07Activation of the eIF2α/ATF4 axis drives triple-negative breast cancer radioresistance by promoting glutathione biosynthesis.Bai, X; Ni, J; Beretov, J; Wasinger, VC; Wang, S; Zhu, Y; Graham, P; Li, Y
2019CHTOP in Chemoresistant Epithelial Ovarian Cancer: A Novel and Potential Therapeutic Target.Feng, X; Bai, X; Ni, J; Wasinger, VC; Beretov, J; Zhu, Y; Graham, P; Li, Y
2017Commercial Property Insurance in Ghana: a case study of Accra and KumasiSwanzy-Impraim, S; Obeng Gyasi, A; Acolatse, EE; Graham, P; Kyei-Addai, E
2020-01-16Extracellular vesicles: the next generation of biomarkers for liquid biopsy-based prostate cancer diagnosis.Pang, B; Zhu, Y; Ni, J; Thompson, J; Malouf, D; Bucci, J; Graham, P; Li, Y
2001-01Improving the quality of Visual Web Browsing by using weighted graph drawingHuang, M; Zhou, B; Graham, P; Maheswaran, M; Eskicioglu, R
2019-01-01In Vivo 3D MRI Measurement of Tumour Volume in an Orthotopic Mouse Model of Prostate CancerNi, J; Bongers, A; Chamoli, U; Bucci, J; Graham, P; Li, Y
2019Liquid biopsy in ovarian cancer: recent advances in circulating extracellular vesicle detection for early diagnosis and monitoring progression.Chang, L; Ni, J; Zhu, Y; Pang, B; Graham, P; Zhang, H; Li, Y
2008-01Makers, Messages and Movers: Genetic Technology, the Media and SocietyBonfiglioli, C; Sunderland, N; Graham, P; Isaacs, P; McKenna, B
2021-08-01Opportunity Assessment: Network Visibility and Optimising Hosting CapacityDwyer, S; Braslavsky, J; Graham, P; Havas, L; Heslop, S; Hossain, J; Ibrahim, I; Amin, R; Khorasany, M; Langham, E; Nagrath, K; Guerrero Orbe, J; Razzaghi, R; Sherman, J; Spak, B
2020-01Quality Assessment and Comparison of Plasma-Derived Extracellular Vesicles Separated by Three Commercial Kits for Prostate Cancer Diagnosis.Pang, B; Zhu, Y; Ni, J; Ruan, J; Thompson, J; Malouf, D; Bucci, J; Graham, P; Li, Y
2001-01Techniques for specialized search enginesSteele, RJ; Graham, P; Maheswaran, M; Eskicioglu, R
2020-01-01Tension between Leadership Archetypes: Systematic Review to Inform Construction Research and PracticeGraham, P; Nikolova, N; Sankaran, S
2010-09-01Understanding sources of variation in syndromic surveillance for early warning of natural or intentional disease outbreaksSparks, R; Carter, C; Graham, P; Muscatello, D; Churches, T; Kaldor, J; Turner, R; Zheng, W; Ryan, L
2001-01Web-Based multimedia application design using the MORHuang, M; Zhou, B; Graham, P; Maheswaran, M; Eskicioglu, R