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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020-10-31A three-armed cognitive-motor exercise intervention to increase spatial orientation and life-space mobility in nursing home residents: study protocol of a randomized controlled trial in the PROfit project.Wollesen, B; Fricke, M; Jansen, C-P; Gordt, K; Schwenk, M; Muehlbauer, T; Morawietz, C; Kruse, A; Gramann, K
2017-07-19Affective aspects of perceived loss of control and potential implications for brain-computer interfacesGrissmann, S; Zander, TO; Faller, J; Brönstrup, J; Kelava, A; Gramann, K; Gerjets, P
2012-01-01Alpha modulation in parietal and retrosplenial cortex correlates with navigation performanceChiu, TC; Gramann, K; Ko, LW; Duann, JR; Jung, TP; Lin, CT
2021-01-01Alteration of brain dynamics during dual-task overground walking.Nenna, F; Do, CT; Protzak, J; Gramann, K
2019-02-24A Bayesian framework for unifying data cleaning, source separation and imaging of electroencephalographic signalsOjeda, A; Klug, M; Kreutz-Delgado, K; Gramann, K; Mishra, J
2012-05-13Biosensor technologies for augmented brain-computer interfaces in the next decadesLiao, LD; Lin, CT; McDowell, K; Wickenden, AE; Gramann, K; Jung, TP; Ko, LW; Chang, JY
2017-09-01Brain connectivity during encoding and retrieval of spatial information: individual differences in navigation skillsSharma, G; Gramann, K; Chandra, S; Singh, V; Mittal, AP
2014-01-01Brain dynamics that correlate with effects of learning on auditory distance perceptionWisniewski, MG; Mercado, E; Church, BA; Gramann, K; Makeig, S
2011-12-01Cognition in action: Imaging brain/body dynamics in mobile humansGramann, K; Gwin, JT; Ferris, DP; Oie, K; Jung, TP; Lin, CT; Liao, LD; Makeig, S
2015-06-15Cultural background shapes spatial reference frame proclivityGoeke, C; Kornpetpanee, S; Köster, M; Fernández-Revelles, AB; Gramann, K; König, P
2019-05-02Detecting Visuo-Haptic Mismatches in Virtual Reality using the Prediction Error Negativity of Event-Related Brain PotentialsGehrke, L; Akman, S; Lopes, P; Chen, A; Singh, AK; Chen, HT; Lin, CT; Gramann, K
2013-01-21Different strategies for spatial updating in yaw and pitch path integrationGoeke, CM; König, P; Gramann, K
2017-04-05Editorial: Trends in neuroergonomicsGramann, K; Fairclough, SH; Zander, TO; Ayaz, H
2015-10-05EEG correlates of spatial orientation in the human retrosplenial complexLin, CT; Chiu, TC; Gramann, K
2018-03-13Electrocortical Evidence for Long-Term Incidental Spatial Learning Through Modified Navigation InstructionsWunderlich, A; Gramann, K
2018-01-01Electrocortical evidence for long-term incidental spatial learning through modified navigation instructionsWunderlich, A; Gramann, K
2019-01-01Emotional evaluation of architectural interior forms based on personality differences using virtual realityBanaei, M; Ahmadi, A; Gramann, K; Hatami, J
2012-07-27Encoding of physics concepts: Concreteness and presentation modality reflected by human brain dynamicsLai, K; She, HC; Chen, SC; Chou, WC; Huang, LY; Jung, TP; Gramann, K
2017-02-28Evaluation of a dry EEG system for application of passive brain-computer interfaces in autonomous drivingZander, TO; Andreessen, LM; Berg, A; Bleuel, M; Pawlitzki, J; Zawallich, L; Krol, LR; Gramann, K
2019-05-16Extracting Motion-Related Subspaces from EEG in Mobile Brain/Body Imaging Studies using Source Power ComodulationGehrke, L; Guerdan, L; Gramann, K