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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2001-01-01Comparison of surface morphology in sol-gel treated coralline hydroxyapatite structures for implant purposesBen-Nissan, B; Russell, JJ; Hu, J; Milev, A; Green, D; Vago, R; Walsh, W; Conway, RM
2007-12-01Conversion of coral sand to calcium phosphate for biomedical applicationsChou, J; Ben-Nissan, B; Choi, AH; Wuhrer, R; Green, D
2019-09-02Does particulate matter modify the short-term association between heat waves and hospital admissions for cardiovascular diseases in greater Sydney, Australia?Parry, M; Green, D; Zhang, Y; Hayen, A
2002-02-26Mechanical properties and characterisation of sol-gel coated coralline hydroxyapatiteBen-Nissan, B; Milev, A; Green, D; Conway, M; Vago, R; Walsh, W
2021-07-01Network of networks: A bibliometric analysisKarimi, F; Green, D; Matous, P; Varvarigos, M; Khalilpour, KR
2023-03Robustness analysis of electricity networks against failure or attack: the case of the Australian National Electricity Market (NEM)Wang, W; Karimi, F; Khalilpour, K; Green, D; Varvarigos, M
2016-01-01Tablets@university: The ownership and use of tablet devices by studentsGreen, D; Naidoo, E; Olminkhof, C; Dyson, LE
2022-11-07The 2022 report of the MJA-Lancet Countdown on health and climate change: Australia unprepared and paying the price.Beggs, PJ; Zhang, Y; McGushin, A; Trueck, S; Linnenluecke, MK; Bambrick, H; Capon, AG; Vardoulakis, S; Green, D; Malik, A; Jay, O; Heenan, M; Hanigan, IC; Friel, S; Stevenson, M; Johnston, FH; McMichael, C; Charlson, F; Woodward, AJ; Romanello, MB
-The 2023 report of the <scp><i>MJA</i></scp>–<i>Lancet</i> Countdown on health and climate change: sustainability needed in Australia's health care sectorBeggs, PJ; Trueck, S; Linnenluecke, MK; Bambrick, H; Capon, AG; Hanigan, IC; Arriagada, NB; Cross, TJ; Friel, S; Green, D; Heenan, M; Jay, O; Kennard, H; Malik, A; McMichael, C; Stevenson, M; Vardoulakis, S; Dang, TN; Garvey, G; Lovett, R; Matthews, V; Phung, D; Woodward, AJ; Romanello, MB; Zhang, Y