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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Jan-2015Balancing hope with reality: How neonatal nurses manage the uncertainty of caring for extremely premature babiesGreen, J; Darbyshire, P; Adams, A; Jackson, D
1-Dec-2015A burden of knowledge: A qualitative study of experiences of neonatal intensive care nurses’ concerns when keeping information from parentsGreen, J; Darbyshire, P; Adams, A; Jackson, D
20-Oct-2016‘But I can do the job’: examining disability employment practice through human rights complaint casesDarcy, S; Taylor, T; Green, J
1-Jan-2015Desperately seeking parenthood: Neonatal nurses reflect on parental anguishGreen, J; Darbyshire, P; Adams, A; Jackson, D
20-Apr-2016Disability citizenship and independence through mobile technology? A study exploring adoption and use of a mobile technology platformDarcy, S; Maxwell, H; Green, J
1-Oct-2018Down syndrome: An integrative reviewDiamandopoulos, K; Green, J
1-Jan-2014Electronic portfolios in nursing education: A review of the literatureGreen, J; Wyllie, A; Jackson, D
Jan-2003Field Assessment of Local Scour at Bridge SitesMcLean, JT; Beecham, SC; Kandasamy, JK; Boyd, MJ; Ball, JE; Babister, MK; Green, J
29-Aug-2016First year nursing students’ experiences of social media during the transition to university: a focus group studyFerguson, C; DiGiacomo, M; Saliba, B; Green, J; Moorley, C; Wyllie, A; Jackson, D
1-Jun-2019The forgotten mothers of extremely preterm babies: A qualitative studyFowler, C; Green, J; Elliott, D; Petty, J; Whiting, L
1-Jan-2010The Gene of the Individuals Who Choose to Serve in Nonprofit SectorZhang, R; Redfern, K; Green, J; Zhu, XN; Zhao, SR
Jan-2012Grasping the nettle: espousing economic values in the value plural operating context of not-for-profit social servicesGreen, J; Özsahin, M; Zehir, C
Jan-2010Honourable Intentions? Analysing the interests of private equity in the aged care sectordela Rama, MJ; Edwards, M; Dalton, BM; Green, J
Jan-2003A Hydroinformatic Approach to the Development of Areal Reduction FactorsCatchlove, RH; Ball, JE; Boyd, MJ; Ball, JE; Babister, MK; Green, J
Jan-2003The Hydrological Effects of the January 94 Bush Fires on the Royal National ParkCollings, G; Ball, JE; Boyd, MJ; Ball, JE; Babister, MK; Green, J
2-Sep-2014The Implementation of the NDIS: Who Wins, Who Loses?Green, J; Mears, J
15-Sep-2010Incommensurability of organisational values in a marketised service delivery contextFrench, P; Green, J
Jan-2004"It's a personal thing" volunteer motivation across two generations in a Sydney area health service - implications for managementGreen, J; Blackett, D
1-Mar-2016It’s agony for us as well: Neonatal nurses reflect on iatrogenic painGreen, J; Darbyshire, P; Adams, A; Jackson, D
19-May-2017I’ve got a mobile phone too! Hard and soft assistive technology customization and supportive call centres for people with disabilityDarcy, S; Green, J; Maxwell, H