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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020-06-24Break or stay in prior interantionalization portfolio? The impacts of negative performance gap and top management team’s experience on new country entries.Li, W; Guo, B; Gu, J; Hu, W
2018-12-01Computational delineation and quantitative heterogeneity analysis of lung tumor on 18F-FDG PET for radiation dose-escalationWang, X; Cui, H; Gong, G; Fu, Z; Zhou, J; Gu, J; Yin, Y; Feng, D
2020-11-08Efficient incident identification from multi-dimensional issue reports via meta-heuristic searchGu, J; Luo, C; Qin, S; Qiao, B; Lin, Q; Zhang, H; Li, Z; Dang, Y; Cai, S; Wu, W; Zhou, Y; Chintalapati, M; Zhang, D
2015-03-01Gravity-driven membrane filtration as pretreatment for seawater reverse osmosis: Linking biofouling layer morphology with flux stabilizationAkhondi, E; Wu, B; Sun, S; Marxer, B; Lim, W; Gu, J; Liu, L; Burkhardt, M; McDougald, D; Pronk, W; Fane, AG
2019-06-24Loss or Gain? The Moderating Role of Top Manager Team in the Relationship between Political Hazards and Foreign Subsidiary PerformanceLi, W; Wei, Q; De Sisto, M; Gu, J
2018-04-01Managing high-performance computing applications as an on-demand service on federated cloudsHou, Z; Wang, Y; Sui, Y; Gu, J; Zhao, T; Zhou, X
2014-01-01A novel evaluation approach for power distribution system planning based on linear programming model and ELECTRE IIIZhang, T; Zhang, G; Lu, J; Gu, J
2022-08-05SFGN: Representing the sequence with one super frame for video person re-identificationPan, X; Luo, H; Jiang, W; Zhang, J; Gu, J; Li, P
2020-12What types of top management teams' experience matter to the relationship between political hazards and foreign subsidiary performance?Wei, Q; Li, WH; De Sisto, M; Gu, J