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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2022-11-28A CFD-DEM Model for Particle Transport in AirwaysIslam, MS; Larpruenrudee, P; Rahman, MM; Luo, Z; Sauret, E; Gu, Y
2016-12-01A coupled SPH-DEM approach to model the interactions between multiple red blood cells in motion in capillariesPolwaththe-Gallage, HN; Saha, SC; Sauret, E; Flower, R; Gu, Y
2023-04-01A Multi-Feature Fusion and Attention Network for Multi-Scale Object Detection in Remote Sensing ImagesCheng, Y; Wang, W; Zhang, W; Yang, L; Wang, J; Ni, H; Guan, T; He, J; Gu, Y; Tran, NN
-A Novel Machine Learning Prediction Model for Aerosol Transport in Upper 17-Generations of the Human Respiratory TractIslam, MS; Husain, S; Mustafa, J; Gu, Y
2008-01Acute toxicological impact of nano- and submicro-scaled zinc oxide powder on healthy adult miceWang, B; Feng, W; Wang, M; Wang, T; Gu, Y; Zhu, M; Ouyang, H; Shi, J; Zhang, F; Zhao, Y; Chai, Z; Wang, H; Wang, J
2006-01Adaptive Web Navigation Construction: A Machine Learning ApproachGu, Y; Kong, X; Lowe, DB; Peter Shackleton
2022-05An Economic Evaluation of Australia's Newborn Hearing Screening Program: A Within-Study Cost-Effectiveness Analysis.Sharma, R; Gu, Y; Sinha, K; Ching, TYC; Marnane, V; Gold, L; Wake, M; Wang, J; Parkinson, B
2018-04-23An Effective Joint Framework for Document SummarizationGui, M; Zhang, Z; Yang, Z; Gu, Y; Xu, G
2022-08An examination of machine learning to map non-preference based patient reported outcome measures to health state utility values.Aghdaee, M; Parkinson, B; Sinha, K; Gu, Y; Sharma, R; Olin, E; Cutler, H
2004Autonomous control of cooperative MAVs for urban search and rescueFurukawa, T; Bourgault, F; Wong, E; Kirchner, NG; Gu, Y
2023-04Barriers and facilitators to implementing priority setting and resource allocation tools in hospital decisions: A systematic review.Ahumada-Canale, A; Jeet, V; Bilgrami, A; Seil, E; Gu, Y; Cutler, H
2009Bayesian estimation of a random effects heteroscedastic probit modelGu, Y; Fiebig, DG; Cripps, E; Kohn, R
2022-09-01Biodiesel Emissions: A State-of-the-Art Review on Health and Environmental ImpactsAljaafari, A; Fattah, IMR; Jahirul, MI; Gu, Y; Mahlia, TMI; Islam, MA; Islam, MS
2023-04Breast Cancer Screening Should Embrace Precision Medicine: Evidence by Reviewing Economic Evaluations in China.Jiang, J; Jiang, S; Ahumada-Canale, A; Chen, Z; Si, L; Jiang, Y; Yang, L; Gu, Y
2023Chapter 12 Ultrafine particle transport to the lower airways: airway diameter reduction effectsLarpruenrudee, P; Paul, G; Saha, SC; Husain, S; Beni, HM; Lawrence, C; He, X; Gu, Y; Islam, MS
2019-09-01A Comparative Study of Mixed Resolved–Unresolved CFD-DEM and Unresolved CFD-DEM Methods for the Solution of Particle-Laden Liquid FlowsKuruneru, STW; Marechal, E; Deligant, M; Khelladi, S; Ravelet, F; Saha, SC; Sauret, E; Gu, Y
2019-09-01Cross-layer framework for capacity analysis in multiuser ultra-dense networks with cell DTxLi, Q; Chen, Y; Cui, Q; Gu, Y; Mao, G
2021-01-01Deep Unsupervised Self-Evolutionary Hashing for Image RetrievalZhang, H; Gu, Y; Yao, Y; Zhang, Z; Liu, L; Zhang, J; Shao, L
2007-01-01Design of an active power factor converter for UPS with backup proton exchange membrane fuel cell/batteryZhan, Y; Zhu, J; Gu, Y; Wang, H
-Design optimization of a magnesium-based metal hydride hydrogen energy storage systemLarpruenrudee, P; Bennett, NS; Gu, Y; Fitch, R; Islam, MS