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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2022-01-01Development of Frequency-Fixed All-Pass Filter based Single-Phase Phase-Locked LoopGautam, S; Xiao, W; Lu, DD-C; Ahmed, H; Guerrero, JM
2017-11-01A distributed control framework for integrated photovoltaic-battery-based islanded microgridsGolsorkhi, MS; Shafiee, Q; Lu, DDC; Guerrero, JM
2019-06-01Distributed Control of Low-Voltage Resistive AC MicrogridsGolsorkhi, MS; Shafiee, Q; Lu, DDC; Guerrero, JM
2016-01-01Distributed voltage control and load sharing for inverter-interfaced microdrid with resistive linesGolsorkhi, MS; Lu, DDC; Shafiee, Q; Guerrero, JM
2017-07-01A GPS-based control framework for accurate current sharing and power quality improvement in microgridsGolsorkhi, MS; Savaghebi, M; Lu, DDC; Guerrero, JM; Vasquez, JC
2016-07-13A GPS-based control method for load sharing and power quality improvement in microgridsGolsorkhi, MS; Lu, DDC; Savaghebi, M; Vasquez, JC; Guerrero, JM
2017-02-01A GPS-based decentralized control method for islanded microgridsGolsorkhi, MS; Lu, DDC; Guerrero, JM
2020-02-01Model Predictive Voltage and Power Control of Islanded PV-Battery Microgrids with Washout-Filter-Based Power Sharing StrategyShan, Y; Hu, J; Liu, M; Zhu, J; Guerrero, JM
2013-09-16A new virtual-flux-vector based droop control strategy for parallel connected inverters in microgridsHu, J; Zhu, J; Qu, Y; Guerrero, JM
2022-12-15Optimal Investment Planning of Bankable Multi-Carrier Microgrid NetworksAzimian, M; Amir, V; Mohseni, S; Brent, AC; Bazmohammadi, N; Guerrero, JM
2020-03-01Real-Time Load and Ancillary Support for a Remote Island Power System Using Electric BoatsMahmud, K; Rahman, MS; Ravishankar, J; Hossain, MJ; Guerrero, JM
2014-01-01Virtual flux droop method - A new control strategy of inverters in microgridsHu, J; Zhu, J; Dorrell, DG; Guerrero, JM
2019-06-01Voltage Stabilization: A Critical Step Toward High Photovoltaic PenetrationHu, J; Li, Z; Zhu, J; Guerrero, JM