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2021-04-28IMI Risk Factors for MyopiaMorgan, IG; Wu, P-C; Ostrin, LA; Tideman, JWL; Yam, JC; Lan, W; Baraas, RC; He, X; Sankaridurg, P; Saw, S-M; French, AN; Rose, KA; Guggenheim, JA
2011-02-03Myopia: Why study the mechanisms of myopia? Novel approaches to risk factors signalling eye growth- how could basic biology be translated into clinical insights? Where are genetic and proteomic approaches leading? How does visual function contribute to and interact with ametropia? Does eye shape matter? Why ametropia at all?Tarutta, E; Chua, WH; Young, T; Goldschmidt, E; Saw, SM; Rose, KA; Smith, E; Mutti, DO; Ashby, R; Stone, RA; Wildsoet, C; Howland, HC; Fischer, AJ; Stell, WK; Reichenbach, A; Frost, M; Gentle, A; Zhu, X; Summers-Rada, J; Barathi, V; Jiang, L; McFadden, S; Guggenheim, JA; Hammond, C; Schippert, R; To, CH; Gwiazda, J; Marcos, S; Collins, M; Charman, WN; Artal, P; Tabernero, J; Atchison, DA; Troilo, D; Norton, TT; Wallman, J
2020-03-25Rationale and protocol for the 7- and 8-year longitudinal assessments of eye health in a cohort of young adults in the Raine Study.Lee, SS-Y; Lingham, G; Yazar, S; Sanfilippo, PG; Charng, J; Chen, FK; Hewitt, AW; Ng, F; Hammond, C; Straker, LM; Eastwood, PR; MacGregor, S; Rose, KA; Lucas, RM; Guggenheim, JA; Saw, S-M; Coroneo, MT; He, M; Mackey, DA
2021-03-18Time spent outdoors in childhood is associated with reduced risk of myopia as an adultLingham, G; Yazar, S; Lucas, RM; Milne, E; Hewitt, AW; Hammond, CJ; MacGregor, S; Rose, KA; Chen, FK; He, M; Guggenheim, JA; Clarke, MW; Saw, S-M; Williams, C; Coroneo, MT; Straker, L; Mackey, DA