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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021-10-25A 32-GHz Broadband mm-wave Power Amplifier in 45-nm SOI TechnologyZhang, C; Guo, G; He, W; Zhu, X
2024-01-10A change in substance and microbial community structure during the co-composting of kitchen waste anaerobic digestion effluent, sewage sludge and Chinese medicine residue.Li, D; Jiang, W; Ye, Y; Luo, J; Zhou, X; Yang, L; Guo, G; Wang, S; Liu, Z; Guo, W; Ngo, HH
2021-05-28Automated annotation and visualisation of high-resolution spatial proteomic mass spectrometry imaging data using HIT-MAP.Guo, G; Papanicolaou, M; Demarais, NJ; Wang, Z; Schey, KL; Timpson, P; Cox, TR; Grey, AC
2021-10-25Design of Broadband Low-Noise Amplifier in 45-nm SOI TechnologyGuo, G; Zhang, C; He, W; Zhu, X
2023-10DMD-Associated Dilated Cardiomyopathy: Genotypes, Phenotypes, and Phenocopies.Johnson, R; Otway, R; Chin, E; Horvat, C; Ohanian, M; Wilcox, JAL; Su, Z; Prestes, P; Smolnikov, A; Soka, M; Guo, G; Rath, E; Chakravorty, S; Chrzanowski, L; Hayward, CS; Keogh, AM; Macdonald, PS; Giannoulatou, E; Chang, ACY; Oates, EC; Charchar, F; Seidman, JG; Seidman, CE; Hegde, M; Fatkin, D
2019-03-01Facile synthesis of highly efficient photocatalysts based on organic small molecular co-catalystSun, Y; Wang, C; Guo, G; Fu, Q; Xiong, Z; Li, D; Liu, Y
2023-08Improvement of fracture assessment method for pipe girth weld based on failure assessment diagramWu, K; Zhang, D; Feng, Q; Yang, Y; Dai, L; Wang, D; Zhang, H; Guo, G; Liu, X
2020-01-01Matrix Completion via Schatten Capped p NormLi, G; Guo, G; Peng, S; Wang, C; Yu, S; Niu, J; Mo, J
2021-04-01Multi-human Parsing with a Graph-based Generative Adversarial ModelLi, J; Zhao, J; Lang, C; Li, Y; Wei, Y; Guo, G; Sim, T; Yan, S; Feng, J
2013-01-01PAPR reduction for carrier aggregated uplink in LTE-A systemAn, L; Zhu, X; Guo, G; Wu, L
2023-07Pilot-scale two-phase anaerobic digestion of deoiled food waste and waste activated sludge: Effects of mixing ratios and functional analysis.Jiang, W; Tao, J; Luo, J; Xie, W; Zhou, X; Cheng, B; Guo, G; Ngo, HH; Guo, W; Cai, H; Ye, Y; Chen, Y; Pozdnyakov, IP
2016-12-19Report on the BTAS 2016 Video Person Recognition EvaluationScheirer, WJ; Flynn, PJ; Ding, C; Guo, G; Štruc, V; Al Jazaery, M; Grm, K; Dobrisek, S; Tao, D; Zhu, Y; Brogan, J; Banerjee, S; Bharati, A; RichardWebster, B
2012-08-14Single-cell sequencing analysis characterizes common and cell-lineage-specific mutations in a muscle-invasive bladder cancerLi, Y; Xu, X; Song, L; Hou, Y; Li, Z; Tsang, S; Li, F; Im, KM; Wu, K; Wu, H; Ye, X; Li, G; Wang, L; Zhang, B; Liang, J; Xie, W; Wu, R; Jiang, H; Liu, X; Yu, C; Zheng, H; Jian, M; Nie, L; Wan, L; Shi, M; Sun, X; Tang, A; Guo, G; Gui, Y; Cai, Z; Li, J; Wang, W; Lu, Z; Zhang, X; Bolund, L; Kristiansen, K; Wang, J; Yang, H; Dean, M
2019-03-01Sol-gel synthesis of ternary conducting polymer hydrogel for application in all-solid-state flexible supercapacitorGuo, G; Sun, Y; Fu, Q; Ma, Y; Zhou, Y; Xiong, Z; Liu, Y
2020-01-01Spam detection in reviews using lstm-based multi-entity temporal featuresXiang, L; Guo, G; Li, Q; Zhu, C; Chen, J; Ma, H