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2017-06-22Cluster-Randomized, Crossover Trial of Head Positioning in Acute Stroke.Anderson, CS; Arima, H; Lavados, P; Billot, L; Hackett, ML; Olavarría, VV; Muñoz Venturelli, P; Brunser, A; Peng, B; Cui, L; Song, L; Rogers, K; Middleton, S; Lim, JY; Forshaw, D; Lightbody, CE; Woodward, M; Pontes-Neto, O; De Silva, HA; Lin, R-T; Lee, T-H; Pandian, JD; Mead, GE; Robinson, T; Watkins, C; HeadPoST Investigators and Coordinators,
2018-01-01Development of an electronic health message system to support recovery after stroke: Inspiring virtual enabled resources following vascular events (iVERVE)Cadilhac, DA; Busingye, D; Li, JC; Andrew, NE; Kilkenny, MF; Thrift, AG; Thijs, V; Hackett, ML; Kneebone, I; Lannin, NA; Stewart, A; Dempsey, I; Cameron, J
2020-02-18Digitally enabled aged care and neurological rehabilitation to enhance outcomes with Activity and MObility UsiNg Technology (AMOUNT) in Australia: A randomised controlled trial.Hassett, L; van den Berg, M; Lindley, RI; Crotty, M; McCluskey, A; van der Ploeg, HP; Smith, ST; Schurr, K; Howard, K; Hackett, ML; Killington, M; Bongers, B; Togher, L; Treacy, D; Dorsch, S; Wong, S; Scrivener, K; Chagpar, S; Weber, H; Pinheiro, M; Heritier, S; Sherrington, C
2015-01-01The effectiveness of interventions to reduce the household economic burden of illness and injury: A systematic reviewEssue, BM; Kimman, M; Svenstrup, N; Kjoege, KL; Laba, TL; Hackett, ML; Jan, S
2021-05-26EXPRESS: Protocol of a randomised controlled trial investigating the effectiveness of Recovery-focused Community support to Avoid readmissions and improve Participation after Stroke (ReCAPS).Cadilhac, D; Cameron, J; Kilkenny, MF; Andrew, NE; Harris, D; Ellery, F; Thrift, AG; Purvis, T; Kneebone, I; Dewey, H; Drummond, A; Hackett, ML; Grimley, R; Middleton, S; Thijs, V; Cloud, G; Carey, ML; Butler, E; Ma, H; Churilov, L; Hankey, GJ; English, CK; Lannin, NA
2019-01-01Family-led rehabilitation in India (ATTEND)—Findings from the process evaluation of a randomized controlled trialLiu, H; Lindley, R; Alim, M; Felix, C; Gandhi, DBC; Verma, SJ; Tugnawat, DK; Syrigapu, A; Ramamurthy, RK; Pandian, JD; Walker, M; Forster, A; Hackett, ML; Anderson, CS; Langhorne, P; Murthy, GVS; Maulik, PK; Harvey, LA; Jan, S
2021Influence of Including Patients with Premorbid Disability in Acute Stroke Trials: The HeadPoST Experience.Wang, X; Moullaali, TJ; Ouyang, M; Billot, L; Sandset, EC; Song, L; Delcourt, C; Hackett, ML; Watkins, CL; Robinson, TG; Yang, J; Lavados, PM; Brunser, A; Olavarría, VV; Muñoz-Venturelli, P; Arima, H; Middleton, S; Pontes-Neto, OM; Pandian, JD; Rogers, K; Anderson, CS
2017-01-01Multisite prospective investigation of psychological outcomes following cataract surgery in VietnamBerle, D; Steel, Z; Essue, BM; Keay, L; Jan, S; Phuc, HT; Hackett, ML
2019-03-19Pharmaceutical interventions for emotionalism after strokeAllida, S; Patel, K; House, A; Hackett, ML
2022-11-17Pharmaceutical interventions for emotionalism after stroke.Allida, S; House, A; Hackett, ML
2020-05-11Pharmacological, psychological and non-invasive brain stimulation interventions for preventing depression after stroke.Allida, S; Cox, KL; Hsieh, C-F; House, A; Hackett, ML
2020-01-28Pharmacological, psychological, and non-invasive brain stimulation interventions for treating depression after stroke.Allida, S; Cox, KL; Hsieh, C-F; Lang, H; House, A; Hackett, ML
2020-09Pharmacological, Psychological, and Noninvasive Brain Stimulation Interventions for Treating Depression After Stroke.Allida, S; Cox, KL; Hsieh, C-F; Lang, H; House, A; Hackett, ML
2020-11-07Pilot randomised clinical trial of an eHealth, self-management support intervention (iVERVE) for stroke: feasibility assessment in survivors 12-24 months post-event.Cadilhac, DA; Andrew, NE; Busingye, D; Cameron, J; Thrift, AG; Purvis, T; Li, JC; Kneebone, I; Thijs, V; Hackett, ML; Lannin, NA; Kilkenny, MF; ReCAPS investigators
2019-09-18Process evaluation of the Getting it Right study and acceptability and feasibility of screening for depression with the aPHQ-9Farnbach, S; Gee, G; Eades, AM; Evans, JR; Fernando, J; Hammond, B; Simms, M; Demasi, K; Glozier, N; Brown, A; Hackett, ML; Teixeira-Pinto, A; Skinner, T; Askew, D; Cass, A
2019-08-01Process evaluations of primary care interventions addressing chronic disease: A systematic reviewLiu, H; Mohammed, A; Shanthosh, J; News, M; Laba, TL; Hackett, ML; Peiris, D; Jan, S
2020-01-01Text messages to reduce depressive symptoms: Do they work and what makes them effective? A systematic reviewCox, KL; Allida, SM; Hackett, ML
2019-10-07'We're here to listen and help them as well': A qualitative study of staff and Indigenous patient perceptions about participating in social and emotional wellbeing research at primary healthcare servicesFarnbach, S; Gee, G; Eades, AM; Evans, JR; Fernando, J; Hammond, B; Simms, M; Demasi, K; Hackett, ML; Teixeira-Pinto, A; Glozier, N; Skinner, T; Askew, D; Cass, A; Brown, A
2020-09-09What are the resourcing requirements for an Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander primary health care research project?Farnbach, S; Gee, G; Eades, AM; Evans, JR; Fernando, J; Hammond, B; Simms, M; DeMasi, K; Glozier, N; Hackett, ML; Teixeira-Pinto, A; Skinner, T; Askew, D; Cass, A; Brown, A