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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2011-01Adaptive tutorials to target Threshold Concepts in Mechanics - a community of practice approachPrusty, GB; Russell, C; Ford, R; Ben-Naim, D; Ho, S; Vrcelj, Z; Marcus, N; McCarthey, TJ; Goldfinch, T; Ojeda, RE; Gardner, AP; Molyneaux, T; Hadgraft, RG; Al-Abdeli, YM; Lindsay, E
2016-01-01An application of the theory of reasoned action: Assessing success factors of engineering studentsPaimin, AN; Hadgraft, RG; Prpic, JK; Alias, M
2013-01-01Are Australian and American Engineering Education Programs the Same? The Similarities and Differences between Australian and American Engineering Accreditation ProceduresGrenquist, S; Hadgraft, RG
2017Curriculum transformation with students as partnersHadgraft, RG; Francis, B; Lawson, J; Jarman, R; Stewart, C; Hsieh, I; Jenkins, G
2011-01Designing the FutureGoldsmith, R; Reidsema, C; Hadgraft, RG; Campbell, D; Levy, D
2017-07-01Developing an instrument to measure the cognitive-affective-conative profile of engineering studentsPaimin, AN; Alias, M; Prpic, JK; Hadgraft, RG
2023-05-12Disrupting Engineering EducationLindsay, ED; Hadgraft, RG; Boyle, F; Ulseth, R
2014-01-31eLearning: Challenges and opportunitiesAlam, F; Hadgraft, RG; Alam, Q
2020-01-02Emerging learning environments in engineering educationHadgraft, RG; Kolmos, A
2011-01-01Engineering education and the development of expertiseLitzinger, TA; Lattuca, LR; Hadgraft, RG; Newstetter, WC; Alley, M; Atman, C; DiBiasio, D; Finelli, C; Diefes-Dux, H; Kolmos, A; Riley, D; Sheppard, S; Weimer, M; Yasuhara, K
2016-06-26Enhancing mechanics education through shared assessment designHadgraft, RG; Lowe, D; Lawson, J
2023-01-01HOW DO TEACHERS RESPOND TO SUSTAINED CHANGE?Hadgraft, RG; Trede, F; Rummler, M
2016-01-01The influence of external forces, institutional forces, and academics' characteristics on the adoption of positive teaching practices across australian undergraduate engineeringKnight, DB; Cameron, IT; Hadgraft, RG; Reidsema, C
2023-05-12Informal Learning as Opportunity for Competency Development and Broadened Engagement in EngineeringPolmear, M; Chance, S; Hadgraft, RG; Shaw, C
2017-05-01Learning strategies as an enabler of study successPaimin, AN; Hadgraft, RG; Prpic, JK; Alias, M
2017-01-01New curricula for engineering education: Experiences, engagement, e-resourcesHadgraft, RG
2020-01-01Renewing mechanical and mechatronics programs using studiosHadgraft, RG; Francis, B; Fitch, R; Halkon, B; Brown, T
2016-08-01Response strategies for curriculum change in engineeringKolmos, A; Hadgraft, RG; Holgaard, JE
2018-09-17Rethinking Accreditation Criteria to focus on DesignHadgraft, RG
2019-01-01Sustainability invisibility: Are we hooked on technical rationality?Trad, SP; Hadgraft, RG; Gardner, AP