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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2009-01Assessing Online Collaboratories: A Peer Review of Teaching and LearningAnderson, TK; Parker, NJ; McKenzie, JA; Milton, J; Hall, C; Lang, J; Allan, G; Nomikoudis, M
2009-01Assessment for learning: using minor assessment to promote major learningWilley, K; Gardner, AP; Milton, J; Hall, C; Lang, J; Allan, G; Nomikoudis, M
2012-01-01ASSURANCE OF LEARNING - ARE ACADEMICS AND SENIOR LEADERS SINGING FROM THE SAME HYMN SHEET?Lawson, RJ; Taylor, T; Herbert, J; Fallshaw, E; French, E; Hall, C; Kinash, S; Summers, J; Chova, LG; Torres, IC; Martinez, AL
2022-01-01Better Foreign Correspondence Starts at Home: Changing Practice Through Diasporic KnowledgeGiotis, C; Hall, C
2020-07-19Core outcome set for studies on pregnant women with vasa previa (COVasP): a study protocol.D'Souza, R; Villani, L; Hall, C; Seyoum, M; Kingdom, J; Krznaric, M; Donnolley, N; Javid, N
2019-06-01Cyt-Geist: Current and Future Challenges in Cytometry: Reports of the CYTO 2018 Conference WorkshopsCzechowska, K; Lannigan, J; Wang, L; Arcidiacono, J; Ashhurst, TM; Barnard, RM; Bauer, S; Bispo, C; Bonilla, DL; Brinkman, RR; Cabanski, M; Chang, HD; Chakrabarti, L; Chojnowski, G; Cotleur, B; Degheidy, H; Dela Cruz, GV; Eck, S; Elliott, J; Errington, R; Filby, A; Gagnon, D; Gardner, R; Green, C; Gregory, M; Groves, CJ; Hall, C; Hammes, F; Hedrick, M; Hoffman, R; Icha, J; Ivaska, J; Jenner, DC; Jones, D; Kerckhof, FM; Kukat, C; Lanham, D; Leavesley, S; Lee, M; Lin-Gibson, S; Litwin, V; Liu, Y; Molloy, J; Moore, JS; Müller, S; Nedbal, J; Niesner, R; Nitta, N; Ohlsson-Wilhelm, B; Paul, NE; Perfetto, S; Portat, Z; Props, R; Radtke, S; Rayanki, R; Rieger, A; Rogers, S; Rubbens, P; Salomon, R; Schiemann, M; Sharpe, J; Sonder, SU; Stewart, JJ; Sun, Y; Ulrich, H; Van Isterdael, G; Vitaliti, A; van Vreden, C; Weber, M; Zimmermann, J; Vacca, G; Wallace, P; Tárnok, A
2022-09-07Friendlyjordies leading the way for new public interest journalismHall, C
2023-03-26From 'YouTubers' to war reporters: Citizen journalism and the Ukraine warHall, C
2015-01-01Hunting and gathering: new imperatives in mapping and collecting student learning data to assure quality outcomesLawson, R; Taylor, T; French, E; Fallshaw, E; Hall, C; Kinash, S; Summers, J
2009-10-14Isolation of Toxoplasma gondii from the brain of a dog in Australia and its biological and molecular characterizationAl-Qassab, S; Reichel, MP; Su, C; Jenkins, D; Hall, C; Windsor, PA; Dubey, JP; Ellis, J
1990-01-01Mood changes, obstetric experience and alterations in plasma cortisol, beta-endorphin and corticotrophin releasing hormone during pregnancy and the puerperiumSmith, R; Cubis, J; Brinsmead, M; Lewin, T; Singh, B; Owens, P; Chan, EC; Hall, C; Adler, R; Lovelock, M; Hurt, D; Rowley, M; Nolan, M
2014-01-01The practice of quality in assuring learning in higher educationFrench, E; Summers, J; Kinash, S; Lawson, R; Taylor, T; Herbert, J; Fallshaw, E; Hall, C
2009-01Predictors of the groupwork experience: generic skill development, peer appraisals, and country of residenceTeo, ST; Morgan, A; Kandlbinder, PA; Wang, KY; Hingorani, A; Milton, J; Hall, C; Lang, J; Allan, G; Nomikoudis, M
2020-01-01Pushing the ontological boundaries of EnglishPennycook, A; Hall, C; Wicaksono, R
2023-08-11So you want to be a youtuber?Hall, C
2009-01Supporting the learning of self and peer assessment in groupwork.Raban, R; Litchfield, AJ; Milton, J; Hall, C; Lang, J; Allan, G; Nomikoudis, M
2022-10-25Temperature mapping of non‑photochemical quenching in Chlorella vulgarisHerdean, A-G; Hall, C; Hughes, D; Kuzhiumparambil, U; Campos Diocaretz, B; Ralph, P