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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-1998Binding of the purified integron DNA integrase Intl1 to integron- and cassette-associated recombination sitesCollis, CM; Kim, M; Stokes, H; Hall, R
2002Challenging current approaches to early technology educationHall, R; Schaverien, L; Brown T; Reid J
2017Energy-Optimal Kinodynamic Planning for Underwater Gliders in Flow FieldsLee, JJH; Yoo, C; Hall, R; Anstee, S; Fitch, R
1-May-2013The future of management education in Australia: Challenges and innovationsHall, R; Agarwal, R; Green, R
Jan-1992The Integron In1 In Plasmid R46 Includes 2 Copies Of The Oxa2 Gene CassetteStokes, H; Hall, R
2014Interactive Infrastructures: Physical Rehabilitation Modules for Pervasive Healthcare TechnologyBongers, AJ; Smith, S; Donker, V; Pickrell, M; Hall, R; Lie, S; Holzinger, A; Ziefle, M; Röcker, C
2012Management Education for Organizational and Managerial InnovationGreen, R; Agarwal, R; Hall, R; Pitsis, T; Dhelin, E; Simpson, A
1-Jan-2013Management education for organizational and managerial innovationAgarwal, R; Green, R; Hall, R
Jan-1989A Novel Family Of Potentially Mobile DNA Elements Encoding Site-Specific Gene-Integration Functions - IntegronsStokes, H; Hall, R
Jan-1993Site-Specific Insertion Of Gene Cassettes Into IntegronsCollis, CM; Grammaticopoulos, G; Briton, J; Stokes, H; Hall, R
1-Dec-2008Using an Action Research approach to design a telemedicine system for critical care: A reflectionHansen, S; Robertson, T; Wilson, L; Hall, R