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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2023-10-01A review of membrane-based dewatering technology for the concentration of liquid foodsGulied, M; Logade, K; Mutahir, H; Shaftah, S; Salauddin, S; Hameed, A; Zavahir, S; Elmakki, T; Shon, HK; Hong, S; Park, H; Han, DS
2020-12A review on lithium recovery using electrochemical capturing systemsZavahir, S; Elmakki, T; Gulied, M; Ahmad, Z; Al-Sulaiti, L; Shon, HK; Chen, Y; Park, H; Batchelor, B; Han, DS
2018-05-23Calix[4]arene-Based Porous Organic NanosheetsShetty, D; Skorjanc, T; Raya, J; Sharma, SK; Jahovic, I; Polychronopoulou, K; Asfari, Z; Han, DS; Dewage, S; Olsen, JC; Jagannathan, R; Kirmizialtin, S; Trabolsi, A
2021-10-15Control of the antagonistic effects of heat-assisted chlorine oxidative degradation on pressure retarded osmosis thin film composite membrane surfaceGonzales, RR; Abdel-Wahab, A; Han, DS; Matsuyama, H; Phuntsho, S; Shon, HK
2019-06-01Efficient fouling control using outer-selective hollow fiber thin-film composite membranes for osmotic membrane bioreactor applicationsTran, VH; Lim, S; Han, DS; Pathak, N; Akther, N; Phuntsho, S; Park, H; Shon, HK
2017-06-07Facilitating hole transfer on electrochemically synthesized p-type CuAlO2 films for efficient solar hydrogen production from waterChoi, SY; Kim, C-D; Han, DS; Park, H
2023-11-01Fouling of reverse osmosis membrane: Autopsy results from a wastewater treatment facility at central park, SydneyPark, MJ; Pathak, NB; Wang, C; Tran, VH; Han, DS; Hong, S; Phuntsho, S; Shon, HK
2019-09-16High-Efficiency Solar Desalination Accompanying Electrocatalytic Conversions of Desalted Chloride and Captured Carbon DioxideKim, BJ; Piao, G; Kim, S; Yang, SY; Park, Y; Han, DS; Shon, HK; Hoffmann, MR; Park, H
2017-01-01Homogeneous photoconversion of seawater uranium using copper and iron mixed-oxide semiconductor electrodesLee, S; Kang, U; Piao, G; Kim, S; Han, DS; Park, H
2020-08In Situ-Generated Reactive Oxygen Species in Precharged Titania and Tungsten Trioxide Composite Catalyst Membrane Filters: Application to As(III) Oxidation in the Absence of Irradiation.Park, J; Lim, J; Park, Y; Han, DS; Shon, HK; Hoffmann, MR; Park, H
2023-04In-situ desalination-coupled electrolysis with concurrent one-step-synthesis of value-added chemicalsKim, B-J; Shon, HK; Han, DS; Park, H
2018-03-01Influence of nanoparticle inclusions on the performance of reverse osmosis membranesLiu, Y; Tan, J; Choi, W; Hsu, JH; Han, DS; Han, A; Abdel-Wahab, A; Yu, C
2023Integrated Photoelectrochemical (Pec)-Forward Osmosis (Fo) System for Hydrogen Production and Fertigation ApplicationZavahir, S; Elmakki, T; Gulied, M; Shon, HK; Park, H; Kakosimos, K; Han, DS
2023-10-01Integrated photoelectrochemical (PEC)-forward osmosis (FO) system for hydrogen production and fertigation applicationZavahir, S; Elmakki, T; Gulied, M; Shon, HK; Park, H; Kakosimos, KE; Han, DS
2022-10-01Metal-based adsorbents for lithium recovery from aqueous resourcesYu, H; Naidu, G; Zhang, C; Wang, C; Razmjou, A; Han, DS; He, T; Shon, H
2018-09-01Modification of nanofiber support layer for thin film composite forward osmosis membranes via layer-by-layer polyelectrolyte depositionGonzales, RR; Park, MJ; Tijing, L; Han, DS; Phuntsho, S; Shon, HK
2023-02-27Novel LiAlO2 Material for Scalable and Facile Lithium Recovery Using Electrochemical Ion Pumping.Elmakki, T; Zavahir, S; Hafsa, U; Al-Sulaiti, L; Ahmad, Z; Chen, Y; Park, H; Shon, HK; Ho, Y-C; Han, DS
2017-01-01Photocatalytic H<inf>2</inf> production on trititanate nanotubes coupled with CdS and platinum nanoparticles under visible light: Revisiting H<inf>2</inf> production and material durabilityPark, H; Ou, HH; Kim, M; Kang, U; Han, DS; Hoffmann, MR
2023-03-15Potential application of hybrid reverse electrodialysis (RED)-forward osmosis (FO) system to fertilizer-producing industrial plant for efficient water reuseElmakki, T; Zavahir, S; Gulied, M; Qiblawey, H; Hammadi, B; Khraisheh, M; Shon, HK; Park, H; Han, DS
2021-08-13Pyrite (FeS2)-supported ultrafiltration system for removal of mercury (II) from waterHan, DS; Solayman, KMD; Shon, HK; Abdel-Wahab, A