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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2022-06-22Assessing the Effectiveness of Conservation Stocking for the Endangered White’s Seahorse Hippocampus whiteiHarasti, D; Brennan, M; Booth, DJ
2013-12-01Biodiversity value of a geographically restricted soft coral species within a temperate estuaryPoulos, DE; Harasti, D; Gallen, C; Booth, DJ
2016-01-01Distribution and spatial modelling of a soft coral habitat in the Port Stephens-Great Lakes Marine Park: Implications for managementPoulos, DE; Gallen, C; Davis, T; Booth, DJ; Harasti, D
2013-11-01Does underwater flash photography affect the behaviour, movement and site persistence of seahorses?Harasti, D; Gladstone, W
2012-09-01Population dynamics and life history of a geographically restricted seahorse, Hippocampus whiteiHarasti, D; Martin-Smith, K; Gladstone, W
2022-04Searching for seadragons: predicting micro-habitat use for the common (weedy) seadragon (Phyllopteryx taeniolatus) based on habitat and prey.Allan, SJ; O'Connell, MJ; Harasti, D; Klanten, OS; Booth, DJ
2021-10-25Space use by the endemic common (weedy) seadragon (Phyllopteryx taeniolatus): influence of habitat and prey.Allan, SJ; O'Connell, MJ; Harasti, D; Klanten, OS; Booth, DJ
2010-01Striking A Balance Between Retaining Populations Of Protected Seahorses And Maintaining Swimming NetsHarasti, D; Glasby, T; Martin-smith, K
2021-07-05The rapid decline of an Endangered temperate soft coral speciesLarkin, MF; Davis, TR; Harasti, D; Cadiou, G; Poulos, DE; Smith, SDA
2022-02-01The trophic basis of fish assemblages in temperate estuarine and coastal ecosystemsGoddard, BK; Becker, A; Harasti, D; Smith, JA; Subramaniam, RC; Suthers, IM