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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019-02-01Addressing unwarranted clinical variation: A rapid review of current evidenceHarrison, R; Manias, E; Mears, S; Heslop, D; Hinchcliff, R; Hay, L
2017-11-16Burnout in medical students: A systematic review of experiences in Chinese medical schoolsChunming, WM; Harrison, R; MacIntyre, R; Travaglia, J; Balasooriya, C
2020-01-16Can feedback approaches reduce unwarranted clinical variation? A systematic rapid evidence synthesis.Harrison, R; Hinchcliff, RA; Manias, E; Mears, S; Heslop, D; Walton, V; Kwedza, R
2021-12-06Codesigning patient experience measures for and with children and young people with intellectual disability: a study protocol.Mimmo, L; Woolfenden, S; Travaglia, J; Strnadová, I; Phillips, MTAK; van Hoek, MAD; Harrison, R
2014-02-01The contribution of nurses to incident disclosure: A narrative reviewHarrison, R; Birks, Y; Hall, J; Bosanquet, K; Harden, M; Iedema, R
2022-06-14Creating space for theory when codesigning healthcare interventions.Harrison, R; Ní Shé, É; Debono, D; Chauhan, A; Newman, B
2019-06-01End-of-life priorities of older adults with terminal illness and caregivers: A qualitative consultationLewis, ET; Harrison, R; Hanly, L; Psirides, A; Zammit, A; McFarland, K; Dawson, A; Hillman, K; Barr, M; Cardona, M
2007-01-01Finite element modelling of small punch test on 304H stainless steelSunjaya, D; Wei, T; Harrison, R; Yeung, WY; Nam, SW; Chang, YW; Lee, SB; Kim, NJ
2022-01-20Implementing and evaluating co-designed change in health.Harrison, R; Ni She, E; Debono, D
2022Inequities in quality and safety outcomes for hospitalized children with intellectual disability.Mimmo, L; Harrison, R; Travaglia, J; Hu, N; Woolfenden, S
2019-12-01Partnerships for safe care: A meta-narrative of the experience for the parent of a child with Intellectual Disability in hospitalMimmo, L; Woolfenden, S; Travaglia, J; Harrison, R
2018-01-01Patient safety vulnerabilities for children with intellectual disability in hospital: A systematic review and narrative synthesisMimmo, L; Harrison, R; Hinchcliff, R
2022-09'Smiles and laughter and all those really great things': Nurses' perceptions of good experiences of care for inpatient children and young people with intellectual disability.Mimmo, L; Hodgins, M; Samir, N; Travaglia, J; Woolfenden, S; Harrison, R
2022-07-03Variation in ovarian cancer care in Australia: An analysis of patterns of care in diagnosis and initial treatment in New South Wales.White, KM; Walton, RJ; Kwedza, RK; Rushton, S; Currow, DC; Seale, H; Harrison, R