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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020-02-13Characterising the mechanism of action of an ancient antimicrobial, honey, using modern transcriptomicsBouzo, D; Cokcetin, NN; Li, L; Ballerin, G; Bottomley, AL; Lazenby, J; Whitchurch, CB; Paulsen, IT; Hassan, KA; Harry, EJ
2011-03-10Crystal structure of an integron gene cassette-associated protein from Vibrio cholerae identifies a cationic drug-binding moduleDeshpande, CN; Harrop, SJ; Boucher, Y; Hassan, KA; Leo, RD; Xu, X; Cui, H; Savchenko, A; Chang, C; Labbate, M; Paulsen, IT; Stokes, HW; Curmi, PMG; Mabbutt, BC
2016-09-01Fluorescence-based flow sorting in parallel with transposon insertion site sequencing identifies multidrug efflux systems in acinetobacter baumanniiHassan, KA; Cain, AK; Huang, T; Liu, Q; Elbourne, LDH; Boinett, CJ; Brzoska, AJ; Li, L; Ostrowski, M; Nhu, NTK; Nhu, TDH; Baker, S; Parkhill, J; Paulsen, IT
2011-07-01Genome sequence of Vibrio rotiferianus strain DAT722Chowdhury, PR; Boucher, Y; Hassan, KA; Paulsen, IT; Stokes, HW; Labbate, M
2023Identification of a Novel LysR Family Transcriptional Regulator Controlling Acquisition of Sulfur Sources in Acinetobacter baumannii.Pokhrel, A; Dinh, H; Li, L; Hassan, KA; Cain, AK; Paulsen, IT
2013-08-16Impact of DNA damaging agents on genome-wide transcriptional profiles in two marine Synechococcus speciesTetu, SG; Johnson, DA; Varkey, D; Phillippy, K; Stuart, RK; Dupont, CL; Hassan, KA; Palenik, B; Paulsen, IT
2013-11-04Sequences of two related multiple antibiotic resistance virulence plasmids sharing a unique IS26-related molecular signature isolated from different Escherichia coli pathotypes from different hostsVenturini, C; Hassan, KA; Chowdhury, PR; Paulsen, IT; Walker, MJ; Djordjevic, SP
2023-11Systematic analyses identify modes of action of ten clinically relevant biocides and antibiotic antagonism in Acinetobacter baumannii.Li, L; Short, FL; Hassan, KA; Naidu, V; Pokhrel, A; Nagy, SS; Prity, FT; Shah, BS; Afrin, N; Baker, S; Parkhill, J; Cain, AK; Paulsen, IT