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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021-01-01A critical realist methodology in empirical research: foundations, process, and payoffsHastings, C
2023-01-01Accumulating Financial Vulnerability, Not Financial Security: Social Reproduction and Older Women’s HomelessnessHastings, C; Craig, L
2021-03-23As one student gets out of bed another gets in: thousands are 'hot-bedding' in AustraliaMorris, A; Hastings, C; Ramia, G
2016-09-01The Australian Experience of Municipal Amalgamation: Asking the Citizenry and Exploring the ImplicationsRyan, R; Hastings, C; Grant, B; Lawrie, A; Ní Shé, É; Wortley, L
2022-12-30Bridging the gap between philosophy and empirical research: A critical realist methodology using quantitative methodsHastings, C
2016-01-01Community expectations for the role of local government in Regional Australia: Meeting the challenges of 'slow burn'Hastings, C; Wortley, L; Ryan, R; Grant, B
2015-08Community Wellbeing Survey - Lane CoveHastings, C; Gamage, S; Ryan, R
2023-01-01Crowded house: accommodation precarity and self-reported academic performance of international studentsHastings, C; Overgaard, C; Wilson, S; Ramia, G; Morris, A; Mitchell, E
2022-10-08Explaining Government Policy Inaction on International Student Housing in Australia: The Perspectives of Stakeholders.Ramia, G; Mitchell, E; Morris, A; Wilson, S; Hastings, C; Davies, J
2021Homelessness and critical realism: a search for richer explanationsHastings, C
2022-01-01How Do Poor Families in Australia Avoid Homelessness? An fsQCA AnalysisHastings, C
2022-02-24International students on the edge: The precarious impacts of financial stressWilson, S; Hastings, C; Morris, A
2022-03-07International students on the edge: The precarious impacts of financial stressWilson, S; Hastings, C; Morris, A; Ramia, G; Mitchell, E
-International students struggling in the private rental sector in Australia prior to and during the pandemicMorris, A; Wilson, S; Mitchell, E; Ramia, G; Hastings, C
2018-01-01Local governments and social enterprise: Meeting community challenges together?Hastings, C; Weate, J
-Loneliness within the Home among International Students in the Private Rental Sector in Sydney and MelbourneMorris, A; Mitchell, E; Wilson, S; Ramia, G; Hastings, C
2015-01-01Missed opportunities for democratic engagement: the adoption of community indicators in local governmentRyan, R; Hastings, C
2020-08-13'No one would even know if I had died in my room': corona virus leaves international students in dire straits.Morris, A; Hastings, C; Mitchell, E; Ramia, G; Wilson, S
-Precarity Before and During the Pandemic: International Student Employment and Personal Finances in AustraliaHastings, C; Ramia, G; Wilson, S; Mitchell, E; Morris, A
2023-01-01Putting philosophy to work: developing the conceptual architecture of research projectsNichol, AJ; Hastings, C; Elder-Vass, D