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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2007-08Believing in birth--choosing VBAC: the childbirth expectations of a self-selected cohort of Australian women.Fenwick, J; Gamble, J; Hauck, Y
2005-03The childbirth expectations of a self-selected cohort of Western Australian women.Fenwick, J; Hauck, Y; Downie, J; Butt, J
2021-02-06Covid-19 changes to maternity care: Experiences of Australian doctors.Szabo, RA; Wilson, AN; Homer, C; Vasilevski, V; Sweet, L; Wynter, K; Hauck, Y; Kuliukas, L; Bradfield, Z
2006-07How social context impacts on women's fears of childbirth: a Western Australian example.Fisher, C; Hauck, Y; Fenwick, J
2007-09The influence of childbirth expectations on Western Australian women's perceptions of their birth experience.Hauck, Y; Fenwick, J; Downie, J; Butt, J
2019-01-14"it's what midwifery is all about": Western Australian midwives' experiences of being 'with woman' during labour and birth in the known midwife modelBradfield, Z; Hauck, Y; Kelly, M; Duggan, R
2018-04-01Midwives being ‘with woman’: An integrative reviewBradfield, Z; Duggan, R; Hauck, Y; Kelly, M
2019-04-01Midwives ‘with woman’ in the private obstetric model: Where divergent philosophies meetBradfield, Z; Kelly, M; Hauck, Y; Duggan, R
2019-10-21Midwives' perceptions of being 'with woman': A phenomenological studyBradfield, Z; Hauck, Y; Duggan, R; Kelly, M
2009-03Pre- and postpartum levels of childbirth fear and the relationship to birth outcomes in a cohort of Australian women.Fenwick, J; Gamble, J; Nathan, E; Bayes, S; Hauck, Y
2008-01A qualitative analysis of women's short accounts of labour and birth in a Western Australian public tertiary hospital.Bayes, S; Fenwick, J; Hauck, Y
2006-10Reframing birth: a consequence of cesarean section.Fenwick, J; Gamble, J; Hauck, Y
2007-07Research priorities for parenting and child health: a Delphi study.Hauck, Y; Kelly, RG; Fenwick, J
2019-02-01Urgency to build a connection: Midwives’ experiences of being ‘with woman’ in a model where midwives are unknownBradfield, Z; Hauck, Y; Kelly, M; Duggan, R
2010-03Western Australian women's perceptions of the style and quality of midwifery postnatal care in hospital and at home.Fenwick, J; Butt, J; Dhaliwal, S; Hauck, Y; Schmied, V