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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016-01-01Avoiding optimal mean robust PCA/2DPCA with non-greedy ℓ<inf>1</inf>-norm maximizationLuo, M; Nie, F; Chang, X; Yang, Y; Hauptmann, A; Zheng, Q
2015-06-01Complex event detection via event oriented dictionary learningYan, Y; Yang, Y; Shen, H; Meng, D; Liu, G; Hauptmann, A; Sebe, N
2018-10-01Deep feature learning via structured graph Laplacian embedding for person re-identificationCheng, D; Gong, Y; Chang, X; Shi, W; Hauptmann, A; Zheng, N
2020-06-08Forward and backward multimodal nmt for improved monolingual and multilingual cross-modal retrievalHuang, PY; Chang, X; Hauptmann, A; Hovy, E
2013-11-15Harry potter's marauder's map: Localizing and tracking multiple persons-of-interest by nonnegative discretizationYu, SI; Yang, Y; Hauptmann, A
2013-10-01Human activity analysis for geriatric care in nursing homesChen, MY; Hauptmann, A; Bharucha, A; Wactlar, H; Yang, Y
2015-06-22Incremental multimodal query construction for video searchXu, S; Li, H; Chang, X; Yu, SI; Du, X; Li, X; Jiang, L; Mao, Z; Lan, Z; Burger, S; Hauptmann, A
2016-01-01Informedia @ TRecviD 2016 Med and AVsLiang, J; Chen, J; Huang, P; Li, X; Jiang, L; Lan, Z; Pan, P; Fan, H; Jin, Q; Sun, J; Chen, Y; Yang, Y; Hauptmann, A
2012-01-01Informedia e-lamp @ TRECVID 2012 multimedia event detection and recounting MED and MERYu, SI; Xu, Z; Ding, D; Sze, W; Vicente, F; Lan, Z; Cai, Y; Rawat, S; Schulam, P; Markandaiah, N; Bahmani, S; Juarez, A; Tong, W; Yang, Y; Burger, S; Metze, F; Singh, R; Raj, B; Stern, R; Mitamura, T; Nyberg, E; Hauptmann, A
2012-07-25Learning to predict health status of geriatric patients from observational dataYang, Y; Hauptmann, A; Chen, MY; Cai, Y; Bharucha, A; Wactlar, H
2015-01-01Monitoring and coaching the use of home medical devicesCai, Y; Yang, Y; Hauptmann, A; Wactlar, H
2019-09-30Multi-Head Attention with Diversity for Learning Grounded Multilingual Multimodal RepresentationsHuang, P-Y; Chang, X; Hauptmann, A
2019-01-01Multi-head attention with diversity for learning grounded multilingual multimodal representationsHuang, PY; Chang, X; Hauptmann, A
2021-01-01Person Search Challenges and Solutions: A SurveyLin, X; Ren, P; Xiao, Y; Chang, X; Hauptmann, A
2017-01-01Probabilistic non-negative matrix factorization and its robust extensions for topic modelingLuo, M; Nie, F; Chang, X; Yang, Y; Hauptmann, A; Zheng, Q
2013-01-01Space-time robust representation for action recognitionBallas, N; Yang, Y; Lan, ZZ; Delezoide, B; Preteux, F; Hauptmann, A
2022-06-16TN-ZSTAD: Transferable Network for Zero-Shot Temporal Activity Detection.Zhang, L; Chang, X; Liu, J; Luo, M; Li, Z; Yao, L; Hauptmann, A
2013-05-06Unified Dictionary Learning and Region Tagging with Hierarchical Sparse RepresentationCao, X; Wei, X; Han, Y; Yang, Y; Sebe, N; Hauptmann, A
2020-05-06Unsupervised Multimodal Neural Machine Translation with Pseudo Visual PivotingHuang, P-Y; Hu, J; Chang, X; Hauptmann, A
2014-01-01Unsupervised video adaptation for parsing human motionShen, H; Yu, SI; Yang, Y; Meng, D; Hauptmann, A