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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2023-12-23A Comprehensive Survey of Scene Graphs: Generation and Application.Chang, X; Ren, P; Xu, P; Li, Z; Chen, X; Hauptmann, AG
2018A unified framework with a benchmark dataset for surveillance event detectionZhao, Z; Li, X; Du, X; Chen, Q; Zhao, Y; Su, F; Chang, X; Hauptmann, AG
2012-10-01Action recognition by exploring data distribution and feature correlationWang, S; Yang, Y; Ma, Z; Li, X; Pang, C; Hauptmann, AG
2019-01-01Adaptive context-aware reinforced agent for handwritten text recognitionGui, L; Liang, X; Chang, X; Hauptmann, AG
2019-05-01Adaptive semi-supervised feature selection for cross-modal retrievalYu, E; Sun, J; Li, J; Chang, X; Han, XH; Hauptmann, AG
2018-02-01An Adaptive Semisupervised Feature Analysis for Video Semantic RecognitionLuo, M; Chang, X; Nie, L; Yang, Y; Hauptmann, AG; Zheng, Q
2018-04-01Adaptive Unsupervised Feature Selection with Structure RegularizationLuo, M; Nie, F; Chang, X; Yang, Y; Hauptmann, AG; Zheng, Q
2019-10-15Annotation efficient cross-modal retrieval with adversarial attentive alignmentHuang, PY; Kang, G; Liu, W; Chang, X; Hauptmann, AG
2020-03-01Argus: Efficient Activity Detection System for Extended Video AnalysisLiu, W; Kang, G; Huang, PY; Chang, X; Yu, L; Qian, Y; Liang, J; Gui, L; Wen, J; Chen, P; Hauptmann, AG
2017-04-01Avoiding optimal mean ℓ<inf>2,1</inf>-norm maximization-based robust PCA for reconstructionLuo, M; Nie, F; Chang, X; Yang, Y; Hauptmann, AG; Zheng, Q
2017-05-01Bi-level semantic representation analysis for multimedia event detectionChang, X; Ma, Z; Yang, Y; Zeng, Z; Hauptmann, AG
2012-07-27Classifier-specific intermediate representation for multimedia tasksMa, Z; Yang, Y; Hauptmann, AG; Sebe, N
2013-11-12A cognitive assistive system for monitoring the use of home medical devicesCai, Y; Yang, Y; Hauptmann, AG; Wactlar, HD
2017-12-22Complex Event Detection by Identifying Reliable Shots from Untrimmed VideosFan, H; Chang, X; Cheng, D; Yang, Y; Xu, D; Hauptmann, AG
2013-11-15Complex event detection via multi-source video attributesMa, Z; Yang, Y; Xu, Z; Yan, S; Sebe, N; Hauptmann, AG
2016-01-01Concepts not alone: Exploring pairwise relationships for zero-shot video activity recognitionGan, C; Lin, M; Yang, Y; De Melo, G; Hauptmann, AG
2015-06-22Content-based video search over 1 million videos with 1 core in 1 secondYu, SI; Jiang, L; Xu, Z; Yang, Y; Hauptmann, AG
2022-01-01Contrastive Adaptation Network for Single- and Multi-Source Domain Adaptation.Kang, G; Jiang, L; Wei, Y; Yang, Y; Hauptmann, AG
2019-07-01Cross-modal transfer hashing based on coherent projectionYu, E; Sun, J; Wang, L; Chang, X; Zhang, H; Hauptmann, AG
2022-05-14Deep Discrete Cross-Modal Hashing with Multiple SupervisionYu, E; Ma, J; Sun, J; Chang, X; Zhang, H; Hauptmann, AG