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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2011-07-01Analysis of multiple-cycle data from couples undergoing in vitro fertilization: Methodologic issues and statistical approachesMissmer, SA; Pearson, KR; Ryan, LM; Meeker, JD; Cramer, DW; Hauser, R
2003-05-01Association of expired nitric oxide with occupational particulate exposureKim, JY; Wand, MP; Hauser, R; Mukherjee, S; Herrick, RF; Christiani, DC
2002-01-01Environmental organochlorines and semen quality: Results of a pilot studyHauser, R; Altshul, L; Chen, Z; Ryan, L; Overstreet, J; Schiff, I; Christian, DC
2005-01-01Phthalate exposure and reproductive hormones in adult menDuty, SM; Calafat, AM; Silva, MJ; Ryan, L; Hauser, R
2003-07-01The relationship between environmental exposures to phthalates and DNA damage in human sperm using the neutral comet assayDuty, SM; Singh, NP; Silva, MJ; Barr, DB; Brock, JW; Ryan, L; Herrick, RF; Christiani, DC; Hauser, R
2004-12-01The relationship of urinary metabolites of carbaryl/naphthalene and chlorpyrifos with human semen qualityMeeker, JD; Ryan, L; Barr, DB; Herrick, RF; Bennett, DH; Bravo, R; Hauser, R
2002-01-01Reliability of the comet assay in cryopreserved human spermDuty, SM; Singh, NP; Ryan, L; Chen, Z; Lewis, C; Huang, T; Hauser, R
2009-01-01Serum and follicular fluid organochlorine concentrations among women undergoing assisted reproduction technologies.Meeker, JD; Missmer, SA; Altshul, L; Vitonis, AF; Ryan, L; Cramer, DW; Hauser, R
2005-05-01Temporal variability of urinary levels of nonpersistent insecticides in adult menMeeker, JD; Barr, DB; Ryan, L; Herrick, RF; Bennett, DH; Bravo, R; Hauser, R
2003-04-01The upper airway response to pollen is enhanced by exposure to combustion particulates: A pilot human experimental challenge studyHauser, R; Rice, TM; Murthy, GGK; Wand, MP; Lewis, D; Bledsoe, T; Paulauskis, J
2004-01-01Urinary levels of insecticide metabolites and DNA damage in human spermMeeker, JD; Singh, NP; Ryan, L; Duty, SM; Barr, DB; Herrick, RF; Bennett, DH; Hauser, R