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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018-04-01A coupled model for liquid water-vapor-heat migration in freezing soilsHe, Z; Zhang, S; Teng, J; Yao, Y; Sheng, D
2022-02-01Accurate bounding-box regression with distance-IoU loss for visual trackingYuan, D; Shu, X; Fan, N; Chang, X; Liu, Q; He, Z
2022-10-01Acoustic absorption of ultralight graphene-based cellular monolithsXie, K; Cao, Y; He, Z; Wang, K; Ding, J; MacGillivray, I; Skvortsov, A; Qiu, X; Li, D
2017-12-01Adaptive visual servoing of unmanned aerial vehicles in GPS-denied environmentsXie, H; Low, KH; He, Z
2016-03-01Analysis of frost heave mechanisms in a high-speed railway embankmentZhang, S; Sheng, D; Zhao, G; Niu, F; He, Z
2021-08-01Assessment of greenhouse gasses and air pollutant emissions embodied in cross-province electricity trade in ChinaLi, W; Yang, M; Long, R; He, Z; Zhang, L; Chen, F
2022-07-19Building interpretable models for business process prediction using shared and specialised attention mechanismsWickramanayake, B; He, Z; Ouyang, C; Moreira, C; Xu, Y; Sindhgatta, R
2016-11-01Canopy effect caused by vapour transfer in covered freezing soilsZhang, S; Teng, J; He, Z; Liu, Y; Liang, S; Yao, Y; Sheng, D
2018-10-09Complete genomic analysis of a kingdom-crossing Klebsiella variicola isolateGuo, Y; Zhai, Y; Zhang, Z; Li, D; Wang, Z; Li, J; He, Z; Hu, S; Kang, Y; Gao, Z
2010-01Detection of Fatigue Crack Initiation at Welded Joints of Railway Steel Truss Bridges under the Dynamic Action of Moving TrainsQu, W; He, Z; Liu, J; Pi, Y; Topping, BHV; Adam, JM; Pallarés, FJ; Bru, R; Romero, ML
2018-03-26Disturbance observer-based visual servoing for multirotor unmanned aerial vehiclesXie, H; He, Z; Veitch, D
2019-01-01Dynamic impact response of aluminum honeycombs filled with Expanded Polypropylene foamZhang, Y; Liu, Q; He, Z; Zong, Z; Fang, J
2018-04-01Editorial NotesHe, X; He, Z; Zhu, X
2021-01-22Effects of the Combined Utilization of Ultrasonic/Hydrogen Peroxide on Excess Sludge DestructionYuan, D; Zhou, X; Jin, W; Han, W; Chi, H; Ding, W; Huang, Y; He, Z; Gao, S; Wang, Q
2021Enhanced emission and second harmonic generation from WS<inf>2</inf> by using dielectric circular Bragg resonatorsChen, B; He, Z; Liu, ZJ; Wang, YK; Gao, YN; Aharonovich, I; Xu, ZQ; Liu, J
2022-05-01EPU spillovers and stock return predictability: A cross-country studyGong, Y; He, Z; Xue, W
2019-03-01Experimental study of ice accumulation in unsaturated clean sandTeng, J; Shan, F; He, Z; Zhang, S; Zhao, G; Sheng, D
2022-05-01Fatigue behavior of CFRP/Al adhesive joints — Failure mechanisms study using digital image correlation (DIC) techniqueHe, Z; Luo, Q; Li, Q; Zheng, G; Sun, G
2021-07-07Generalizable Sample-efficient Siamese Autoencoder for Tinnitus Diagnosis in Listeners with Subjective Tinnitus.Liu, Z; Yao, L; Wang, X; Monaghan, J; Schaette, R; He, Z; McAlpine, D
2016-06-01Importance of vapor flow in unsaturated freezing soil: A numerical studyZhang, S; Teng, J; He, Z; Sheng, D