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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012-01Climate-Chemistry Interaction: Future Tropospheric Ozone and AerosolsWang, W; Chen, J; Isaksen, I; Tasi, I; Tsai, I; Noone, K; McGuffie, K; Henderson-Sellers, A; McGuffie, K
2001-05-01The compounding effects of tropical deforestation and greenhouse warming on climateZhang, H; Henderson-Sellers, A; McGuffie, K
2001-07-01Forty years of numerical climate modellingMcGuffie, K; Henderson-Sellers, A
2010-01Future Cyclone Season Characteristics from a Thermodynamic Model Driven by Coupled Model Climate SimulationsMcGuffie, K; You, J; Henderson-Sellers, A
2008-12-01Future desertification and climate change: The need for land-surface system evaluation improvementHenderson-Sellers, A; Irannejad, P; McGuffie, K
2012-04-01Interdisciplinary climate: The case of the first 50 years of British observations in AustraliaMcGuffie, K; Henderson-Sellers, A
2003-07-31Predicting land-surface climates - better skill or moving targets?Henderson-Sellers, A; Irannejad, P; McGuffie, K; Pitman, AJ
2002-09-01Stable isotopes as validation tools for global climate model predictions of the impact of Amazonian deforestationHenderson-Sellers, A; McGuffie, K; Zhang, H
2004-09-16Stable water isotope characterization of human and natural impacts on land-atmosphere exchanges in the Amazon BasinMcGuffie, K; Henderson-Sellers, A
2006-05-01Stable water isotope simulation by current land-surface schemes: Results of iPILPS Phase 1Henderson-Sellers, A; Fischer, M; Aleinov, I; McGuffie, K; Riley, WJ; Schmidt, GA; Sturm, K; Yoshimura, K; Irannejad, P
2004-10-01Using stable water isotopes to evaluate basin-scale simulations of surface water budgetsHenderson-Sellers, A; McGuffie, K; Noone, D; Irannejad, P