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2021-09Action Spectra and Excitation Emission Matrices reveal the broad range of usable photosynthetic active radiation for Phaeodactylum tricornutum.Herdean, A; Hall, CC; Pham, LL; Macdonald Miller, S; Pernice, M; Ralph, PJ
2021-12-06Characterisation and Bioactivity Analysis of Peridinin-Chlorophyll a-Protein (PCP) Isolated from Symbiodinium tridacnidorum CS-73Supasri, KM; Kumar, M; Segečová, A; McCauley, JI; Herdean, A; Padula, MP; O’Meara, T; Ralph, PJ
2021-12-23Comparative Study Highlights the Potential of Spectral Deconvolution for Fucoxanthin Screening in Live Phaeodactylum tricornutum CulturesMacdonald Miller, S; Abbriano, RM; Segecova, A; Herdean, A; Ralph, PJ; Pernice, M
2019-06-14K+ and Cl- channels/transporters independently fine-tune photosynthesis in plants.Dukic, E; Herdean, A; Cheregi, O; Sharma, A; Nziengui, H; Dmitruk, D; Solymosi, K; Pribil, M; Spetea, C
2020-01Multicenter Evaluation of Circulating Cell-Free DNA Extraction and Downstream Analyses for the Development of Standardized (Pre)analytical Work Flows.Lampignano, R; Neumann, MHD; Weber, S; Kloten, V; Herdean, A; Voss, T; Groelz, D; Babayan, A; Tibbesma, M; Schlumpberger, M; Chemi, F; Rothwell, DG; Wikman, H; Galizzi, J-P; Riise Bergheim, I; Russnes, H; Mussolin, B; Bonin, S; Voigt, C; Musa, H; Pinzani, P; Lianidou, E; Brady, G; Speicher, MR; Pantel, K; Betsou, F; Schuuring, E; Kubista, M; Ammerlaan, W; Sprenger-Haussels, M; Schlange, T; Heitzer, E
2020-05-05Multicenter Evaluation of Independent High-Throughput and RT-qPCR Technologies for the Development of Analytical Workflows for Circulating miRNA Analysis.Babayan, A; Neumann, MHD; Herdean, A; Shaffer, JM; Janning, M; Kobus, F; Loges, S; Di Pasquale, F; Kubista, M; Schlumpberger, M; Lampignano, R; Krahn, T; Schlange, T; Sprenger-Haussels, M; Pantel, K; Kloten, V
2021-10-29Phenoplate: An innovative method for assessing interacting effects of temperature and light on non-photochemical quenching in microalgae under chemical stress.Herdean, A; Sutherland, DL; Ralph, PJ
2012-01Photosystem II function and dynamics in three widely used Arabidopsis thaliana accessions.Yin, L; Fristedt, R; Herdean, A; Solymosi, K; Bertrand, M; Andersson, MX; Mamedov, F; Vener, AV; Schoefs, B; Spetea, C
2016-01The Arabidopsis Thylakoid Chloride Channel AtCLCe Functions in Chloride Homeostasis and Regulation of Photosynthetic Electron Transport.Herdean, A; Nziengui, H; Zsiros, O; Solymosi, K; Garab, G; Lundin, B; Spetea, C
2020-09-18TIP family aquaporins play role in chloroplast osmoregulation and photosynthesisBeebo, A; Zia, A; Kinzel, CR; Herdean, A; Bouhidel, K; Kirchhoff, H; Schoefs, B; Spetea, C