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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
30-Mar-2012Can scale and coefficient heterogeneity be separated in random coefficients models?Hess, S; Rose, JM
1-Apr-2012Can scale and coefficient heterogeneity be seperated in random coefficient models?Hess, S; Rose, J
1-Jan-2013Choice modelling with search and sort data from an interactive choice experimentCollins, AT; Hess, S; Rose, JM
1-Jan-2009The impact of varying the number of repeated choice observations on the mixed multinomial logit model.Rose, J; Hess, S; Bliemer, MCJ; Daly, A
1-Jan-2011Impact of violations of model assumptions: the role of lexicography, inconsistent choices and changing preferences in model estimation.Rose, J; Hess, S; Collins, AT
1-Jan-2012Interactive stated choice surveys: A study of air travel behaviourCollins, AT; Rose, JM; Hess, S
Jan-2013Modeling Single Individuals: The Journey from Psych Lab to the App StoreLouviere, JJ; Hess, S; Daly, A
Jan-2010Preference stability: Modelling how consumer preferences shift after receiving new product informationOppewal, H; Morrison, MD; Wang, PZ; Waller, DS; Hess, S; Daly, A
28-Jun-2013Selecting a date: a matter of regret and compromisesRose, J; Chorus, C; Hess, S; Daly, A
7-May-2017Using finite mixture models to accomodate outliers in discrete choice modelling.Campbell, D; Scarpa, R; Rose, J; Hess, S
1-May-2013What if my model assumptions are wrong?: The impact of non-standard behaviour on choice model estimationRose, JM; Hess, S; Collins, AT
1-Jan-2013Workshop report: working with repeated choice dataDaly, A; Hess, S; Eckert, C; Hess, S; Daly, A