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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2007-01Critical Post-CriticalRice, CE; Dorrian, M; Fraser, M; Hill, J; Rendell, J
2013-01-01The effect of temperature on the acoustic performance of splitter silencersKirby, R; Williams, PT; Hill, J
2020-01-01Hybrid dissipative/reactive silencer predictions with comparison to measurementWilliams, PT; Hill, J; Malecki, C; Kirby, R; Abom, M
2017-06-25The influence of higher order incident modes on the performance of a hybrid reactive-dissipative splitter silencerWilliams, PT; Abom, M; Kirby, R; Hill, J
2014-01-01Measurement of the bulk acoustic properties of fibrous materials at high temperaturesWilliams, PT; Kirby, R; Malecki, C; Hill, J
2020-06Mode matching in axisymmetric fluid-filled pipes: Scattering by a flange.Williams, P; Kirby, R; Hill, J
2019-01-01Numerical method for prediction of duct break out sound powerWilliams, P; Kirby, R; Hill, J
2018-02-01Reducing low frequency tonal noise in large ducts using a hybrid reactive-dissipative silencerWilliams, P; Kirby, R; Hill, J; Åbom, M; Malecki, C
2019-01-01Sertraline in symptomatic chronic breathlessness: a double blind, randomised trialCurrow, DC; Ekström, M; Louw, S; Hill, J; Fazekas, B; Clark, K; Davidson, PM; McDonald, C; Sajkov, D; McCaffrey, N; Doogue, M; Abernethy, AP; Agar, M
2014-01-01A three dimensional investigation into the acoustic performance of dissipative splitter silencersKirby, R; Williams, PT; Hill, J
2007-01Unfinished Business: The Historical Project after Manfredo TafuriStoppani, T; Rendell, J; Hill, J; Dorrian, M; Fraser, M