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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020-01-01Developing a virus-microRNA interactome using cytoscapeHill, M; Mason, D; Monteiro Marques, T; Gama Carvalho, M; Tran, N
2017Efficacy of Oral Risperidone, Haloperidol, or Placebo for Symptoms of Delirium Among Patients in Palliative Care A Randomized Clinical TrialAgar, M; Lawlor, P; Quinn, S; Draper, B; Caplan, G; Rowett, D; Sanderson, C; Hardy, J; Le, B; Eckermann, S; McCaffrey, N; Devilee, L; Fazekas, B; Hill, M; Currow, D
2016-05Enhancing active surveillance of prostate cancer: the potential of exercise medicine.Galvão, DA; Taaffe, DR; Spry, N; Gardiner, RA; Taylor, R; Risbridger, GP; Frydenberg, M; Hill, M; Chambers, SK; Stricker, P; Shannon, T; Hayne, D; Zopf, E; Newton, RU
2006-01Fantastic Architecture and the Building of Europe in Valerio Evangelisti's Eymerich FictionMikula, MH; Hill, M; Karaminas, V
2021-01Global miRNA to miRNA Interactions: Impacts for miR-21.Hill, M; Tran, N
2005-01A Home for Heroes: The Incredibles Domestic DesignHill, MJ; Karaminas, V; Hill, M
2018-08-01Human papillomavirus 16 E6 modulates the expression of miR-496 in oropharyngeal cancerMason, D; Zhang, X; Marques, TM; Rose, B; Khoury, S; Hill, M; Deutsch, F; Lyons, JG; Gama-Carvalho, M; Tran, N
2017-03-04Implementing and investigating distributed leadership in a national university network–SaMnetSharma, MD; Rifkin, W; Tzioumis, V; Hill, M; Johnson, E; Varsavsky, C; Jones, S; Beames, S; Crampton, A; Zadnik, M; Pyke, S
2019-09-01MicroRNA (miRNA)-to-miRNA Regulation of programmed cell death 4 (PDCD4)Ajuyah, P; Hill, M; Ahadi, A; Lu, J; Hutvagner, G; Tran, N
2018-07-01MicroRNAs Regulating MicroRNAs in CancerHill, M; Tran, N
2021-04-01miRNA interplay: mechanisms and consequences in cancerHill, M; Tran, N
2022miRNA:miRNA Interactions: A Novel Mode of miRNA Regulation and Its Effect On Disease.Hill, M; Tran, N
2005-01"No Capes!" Uber Fashion and How "Luck Favors the Prepared". Constructing Contemporary Superhero Identities in American Popular Culture.Karaminas, V; Hill, M; Karaminas, V
2017Once in a Lifetime: Music, Parody, and Comical Incongruity in The Young OnesHayward, P; Hill, M
2016-01-01Voodoo threads: The cultural trajectory of Dr. John's 'i walk on Gilded splinters'Hayward, P; Hill, M