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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2011-01Acculturation and Body Image: A cross-cultural, intergenerational qualitative study of Filipino and Indian AustraliansHingorani, A; Freeman, LM; Agudera, M; Bradshaw, A; Hackley, C; Maclaran, P
2009-01Advertising students' perceptions of skills and attributes for future employmentWaller, DS; Hingorani, A
2007-01Clear or glossy? The appearance of magazine ad information in the skincare marketHingorani, A; Heath, R; Neijens, P; Smit, E
2008-01An exploratory study of the types and roles of skincare advertising visuals in magazinesHingorani, A
2012-08-01Generic skills development and satisfaction with groupwork among business students: Effect of country of permanent residencyTeo, STT; Segal, N; Morgan, AC; Kandlbinder, P; Wang, KY; Hingorani, A
2017-02-01Impact of Immigration on Native and Ethnic Consumer Identity via Body ImageHingorani, A; Freeman, L; Agudera, M
2006-01Perceptions of business students towards skills and attributes for industry: how important is communication?Waller, DS; Hingorani, A; Anyanwu, C
2009-01Predictors of the groupwork experience: generic skill development, peer appraisals, and country of residenceTeo, ST; Morgan, A; Kandlbinder, PA; Wang, KY; Hingorani, A; Milton, J; Hall, C; Lang, J; Allan, G; Nomikoudis, M
2005-01Scratching the surface of skincare product advertising in AustraliaHingorani, A; Diehl, S; Terlutter, R; Weinberg, P
2007-01The Visual Content of Magazine Advertisements in the Skincare MarketHingorani, A; Pereira, FC; Verissimo, J; Neijens, P