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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018-10-3047. Submission to Parliamentary Joint Select Committee on Constitutional Recognition of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples 2018Hobbs, H
2018-07-03Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and multinational federalism in AustraliaHobbs, H
2022-03-03Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples, Law Reform and the Return of the StatesLarkin, D; Hobbs, H; Lino, D; Maguire, A
2023-12-01An Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Voice to Parliament: What Can Australia Learn from Other CountriesHobbs, H; Wensing, E
2017-12-01Appointing Attorneys-General to the High Court: A case for reformBai, J; Hobbs, H
2023-12-01Australian Parliaments and the PandemicHobbs, H; Williams, G
2020-12-01Book Review: Indigenous Peoples, Consent and Rights: Troubling Subjects by Stephen YoungHobbs, H
2017-09-01The case for a national whole-of-government anti-corruption bodyHobbs, H; Williams, G
2022-11-30Closing the Gap Refresh: Incorporating First Nations Voices in Policy DesignLarkin, D; Hobbs, H
2017The constitutional conventions and constitutional change: Making sense of multiple intentionsHobbs, H; Trotter, A
2018-04-03Constitutional recognition and reform: developing an inclusive Australian citizenship through treatyHobbs, H
2023-12-01Cyber Micronations and Digital SovereigntyHobbs, H; Hayward, P; Motum, R
2017-01-01Democratic theory and constitutional design: Hearing persistent electoral minoritiesHobbs, H
2012The Dispute Resolution Act 2011 (Cth) and the Meaning of’Genuine Steps’: Formalising the Common Law Requirement of’Good Faith’Hobbs, H
2018-06-01The disqualification of dual citizens from parliament: Three problems and a solutionHobbs, H; Pillai, S; Williams, G
2021-11-22Drawing an Implied Limitation to the Race PowerHobbs, H
-Egalitarian nationhoods: a political theory in defence of the voice to parliament in the Uluru Statement from the heartHobbs, H; Jones, BT
2015-01-01Finding a fair reflection on the high court of AustraliaHobbs, H
2021-07-16First Nations, Settler Parliaments, and the Question of Consultation: Reconciling Parliamentary Supremacy and Indigenous Peoples’ Right to Self-DeterminationHobbs, H
2012-01-01Foreign correspondentHobbs, H