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2021-10-15Adaptation to an amoeba host drives selection of virulence-associated traits in Vibrio cholerae.Hoque, MM; Noorian, P; Espinoza-Vergara, G; Manuneedhi Cholan, P; Kim, M; Rahman, MH; Labbate, M; Rice, SA; Pernice, M; Oehlers, SH; McDougald, D
2022-01-12Adaptation to an amoeba host leads to Pseudomonas aeruginosa isolates with attenuated virulence.Leong, W; Poh, WH; Williams, J; Lutz, C; Hoque, MM; Poh, YH; Yee, BYK; Chua, C; Givskov, M; Sanderson-Smith, M; Rice, SA; McDougald, D
2017-11-01Analysis of the CRISPR-Cas system in bacteriophages active on epidemic strains of Vibrio cholerae in Bangladesh.Naser, IB; Hoque, MM; Nahid, MA; Tareq, TM; Rocky, MK; Faruque, SM
2023-04-25Characterization of Shigella flexneri Serotype 6 Strains Isolated from Bangladesh and Identification of a New Phylogenetic Cluster.Shahnaij, M; Amin, MB; Hoque, MM; Mondol, AS; Rana, KJ; Azmi, IJ; Talukder, KA; Mullineaux, CW
2017Environmental bacteriophages active on biofilms and planktonic forms of toxigenic Vibrio cholerae: Potential relevance in cholera epidemiology.Naser, IB; Hoque, MM; Abdullah, A; Bari, SMN; Ghosh, AN; Faruque, SM
2021Environmental prevalence of toxigenic Vibrio cholerae O1 in Bangladesh coincides with V. cholerae non-O1 non-O139 genetic variants which overproduce autoinducer-2.Naser, IB; Shishir, TA; Faruque, SN; Hoque, MM; Hasan, A; Faruque, SM
2023Environmental Reservoirs of Pathogenic Vibrio spp. and Their Role in Disease: The List Keeps Expanding.Noorian, P; Hoque, MM; Espinoza-Vergara, G; McDougald, D
2020-01-21The Impact of Protozoan Predation on the Pathogenicity of Vibrio choleraeEspinoza-Vergara, G; Hoque, MM; McDougald, D; Noorian, P
2023-11-29Increased iron utilization and oxidative stress tolerance in a Vibrio cholerae flrA mutant confers resistance to amoeba predation.Hoque, MM; Noorian, P; Espinoza-Vergara, G; Adhikary, S; To, J; Rice, SA; McDougald, D; Alexandre, G
2022-05-16Protozoal food vacuoles enhance transformation in Vibrio cholerae through SOS-regulated DNA integration.Rahman, MH; Mahbub, KR; Espinoza-Vergara, G; Ritchie, A; Hoque, MM; Noorian, P; Cole, L; McDougald, D; Labbate, M
2023-07-05Protozoan predation as a driver of diversity and virulence in bacterial biofilms.Hoque, MM; Espinoza-Vergara, G; McDougald, D
2016-11-28Quorum Regulated Resistance of Vibrio cholerae against Environmental Bacteriophages.Hoque, MM; Naser, IB; Bari, SMN; Zhu, J; Mekalanos, JJ; Faruque, SM
2015-01-01Thermal diffusion effect on unsteady viscous MHD micropolar fluid flow through an infinite vertical plate with hall and ion-slip currentAnika, NN; Hoque, MM; Hossain, SI; Alam, MM; Islam, AKMS; Amin, MR; Ali, M; Setoguchi, T
2019-12-01Vibrio cholerae residing in food vacuoles expelled by protozoa are more infectious in vivoEspinoza-Vergara, G; Noorian, P; Silva-Valenzuela, CA; Raymond, BBA; Allen, C; Hoque, MM; Sun, S; Johnson, MS; Pernice, M; Kjelleberg, S; Djordjevic, SP; Labbate, M; Camilli, A; McDougald, D
2019Vibrio cholerae strains with inactivated cqsS gene overproduce autoinducer-2 which enhances resuscitation of dormant environmental V. cholerae.Naser, IB; Hoque, MM; Faruque, SN; Kamruzzaman, M; Yamasaki, S; Faruque, SM