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2017-02A Tol2 Gateway-Compatible Toolbox for the Study of the Nervous System and Neurodegenerative Disease.Don, EK; Formella, I; Badrock, AP; Hall, TE; Morsch, M; Hortle, E; Hogan, A; Chow, S; Gwee, SSL; Stoddart, JJ; Nicholson, G; Chung, R; Cole, NJ
2016-09-01Adenosine monophosphate deaminase 3 activation shortens erythrocyte half-life and provides malaria resistance in mice.Hortle, E; Nijagal, B; Bauer, DC; Jensen, LM; Ahn, SB; Cockburn, IA; Lampkin, S; Tull, D; McConville, MJ; McMorran, BJ; Foote, SJ; Burgio, G
2022-02-17Aim2 suppresses cigarette smoke-induced neutrophil recruitment, neutrophil caspase-1 activation and anti-Ly6G-mediated neutrophil depletion.Donovan, C; Kim, RY; Galvao, I; Jarnicki, AG; Brown, AC; Jones-Freeman, B; Gomez, HM; Wadhwa, R; Hortle, E; Jayaraman, R; Khan, H; Pickles, S; Sahu, P; Chimankar, V; Tu, X; Khadem Ali, M; Mayall, JR; Nguyen, DH; Budden, KF; Kumar, V; Schroder, K; Robertson, AA; Cooper, MA; Wark, PA; Oliver, BG; Horvat, JC; Hansbro, PM
2018-12Analysis of mycobacterial infection-induced changes to host lipid metabolism in a zebrafish infection model reveals a conserved role for LDLR in infection susceptibility.Johansen, MD; Hortle, E; Kasparian, JA; Romero, A; Novoa, B; Figueras, A; Britton, WJ; de Silva, K; Purdie, AC; Oehlers, SH
2018-04-26Antitubercular Bis-Substituted Cyclam Derivatives: Structure-Activity Relationships and in Vivo Studies.Spain, M; Wong, JK-H; Nagalingam, G; Batten, JM; Hortle, E; Oehlers, SH; Jiang, XF; Murage, HE; Orford, JT; Crisologo, P; Triccas, JA; Rutledge, PJ; Todd, MH
2022-01Common anti-haemostatic medications increase the severity of systemic infection by uropathogenic Escherichia coli.Tran, VLT; Hortle, E; Britton, WJ; Oehlers, SH
2017-07-15Expression of ALS/FTD-linked mutant CCNF in zebrafish leads to increased cell death in the spinal cord and an aberrant motor phenotype.Hogan, AL; Don, EK; Rayner, SL; Lee, A; Laird, AS; Watchon, M; Winnick, C; Tarr, IS; Morsch, M; Fifita, JA; Gwee, SSL; Formella, I; Hortle, E; Yuan, KC; Molloy, MP; Williams, KL; Nicholson, GA; Chung, RS; Blair, IP; Cole, NJ
2020-03Host-directed therapies targeting the tuberculosis granuloma stroma.Hortle, E; Oehlers, SH
2019-04-23KCC1 Activation protects Mice from the Development of Experimental Cerebral Malaria.Hortle, E; Starrs, L; Brown, FC; Jane, SM; Curtis, DJ; McMorran, BJ; Foote, SJ; Burgio, G
2023-04-28Mechano-Redox Control of Mac-1 De-Adhesion by PDI Promotes Directional Movement Under Flow.Dupuy, A; Aponte-Santamaría, C; Yeheskel, A; Hortle, E; Oehlers, SH; Gräter, F; Hogg, PJ; Passam, FH; Chiu, J
2018-11Mycobacterium marinum infection drives foam cell differentiation in zebrafish infection models.Johansen, MD; Kasparian, JA; Hortle, E; Britton, WJ; Purdie, AC; Oehlers, SH
2022-09OXSR1 inhibits inflammasome activation by limiting potassium efflux during mycobacterial infection.Hortle, E; Tran, VL; Wright, K; Fontaine, AR; Pinello, N; O'Rourke, MB; Wong, JJ-L; Hansbro, PM; Britton, WJ; Oehlers, SH
2022-02-17Rough and smooth variants of Mycobacterium abscessus are differentially controlled by host immunity during chronic infection of adult zebrafish.Kam, JY; Hortle, E; Krogman, E; Warner, SE; Wright, K; Luo, K; Cheng, T; Manuneedhi Cholan, P; Kikuchi, K; Triccas, JA; Britton, WJ; Johansen, MD; Kremer, L; Oehlers, SH
2021-12-09Synthetic Sansanmycin Analogues as Potent Mycobacterium tuberculosis Translocase I Inhibitors.Tran, W; Kusay, AS; Hawkins, PME; Cheung, C-Y; Nagalingam, G; Pujari, V; Ford, DJ; Stoye, A; Ochoa, JL; Audette, RE; Hortle, E; Oehlers, SH; Charman, SA; Linington, RG; Rubin, EJ; Dowson, CG; Roper, DI; Crick, DC; Balle, T; Cook, GM; Britton, WJ; Payne, RJ
2019-05-01The cyclic nitroxide antioxidant 4-methoxy-TEMPO decreases mycobacterial burden in vivo through host and bacterial targets.Black, HD; Xu, W; Hortle, E; Robertson, SI; Britton, WJ; Kaur, A; New, EJ; Witting, PK; Chami, B; Oehlers, SH
2023-11-14TLR7 promotes smoke-induced experimental lung damage through the activity of mast cell tryptase.Liu, G; Haw, TJ; Starkey, MR; Philp, AM; Pavlidis, S; Nalkurthi, C; Nair, PM; Gomez, HM; Hanish, I; Hsu, AC; Hortle, E; Pickles, S; Rojas-Quintero, J; Estepar, RSJ; Marshall, JE; Kim, RY; Collison, AM; Mattes, J; Idrees, S; Faiz, A; Hansbro, NG; Fukui, R; Murakami, Y; Cheng, HS; Tan, NS; Chotirmall, SH; Horvat, JC; Foster, PS; Oliver, BG; Polverino, F; Ieni, A; Monaco, F; Caramori, G; Sohal, SS; Bracke, KR; Wark, PA; Adcock, IM; Miyake, K; Sin, DD; Hansbro, PM
2017-02-03Triggering Cell Stress and Death Using Conventional UV Laser Confocal Microscopy.Morsch, M; Radford, RAW; Don, EK; Lee, A; Hortle, E; Cole, NJ; Chung, RS