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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016-03-01Cholesterol promotes interaction of the protein CLIC1 with phospholipid monolayers at the air–water interfaceHossain, KR; Khamici, HA; Holt, SA; Valenzuela, SM
2019-08-01A conserved GXXXG motif in the transmembrane domain of CLIC proteins is essential for their cholesterol-dependant membrane interactionHossain, KR; Turkewitz, DR; Holt, SA; Herson, L; Brown, LJ; Cornell, BA; Curmi, PMG; Valenzuela, SM
2016-02-16Elucidating the Mechanism for Sterol Regulation of Chloride Intracellular Ion Channel Protein Interactions with Lipid MembranesHossain, KR; Al Khamici, H; Holt, SA; Valenzuela, SM
2016-10-18Evidence of the Key Role of H<inf>3</inf>O<sup>+</sup> in Phospholipid Membrane MorphologyCranfield, CG; Berry, T; Holt, SA; Hossain, KR; Le Brun, AP; Carne, S; Al Khamici, H; Coster, H; Valenzuela, SM; Cornell, B
2019-06-01General and specific interactions of the phospholipid bilayer with P-type ATPasesHossain, KR; Clarke, RJ
2016-12-08Investigating sterol and redox regulation of the ion channel activity of CLIC1 using tethered bilayer membranesAl Khamici, H; Hossain, KR; Cornell, BA; Valenzuela, SM
2015-01-12Members of the chloride intracellular ion channel protein family demonstrate glutaredoxin-like enzymatic activityKhamici, HA; Brown, LJ; Hossain, KR; Hudson, AL; Sinclair-Burton, AA; Ng, JPM; Daniel, EL; Hare, JE; Cornell, BA; Curmi, PMG; Davey, MW; Valenzuela, SM
2022New Approaches and Biomarker Candidates for the Early Detection of Ovarian Cancer.Hossain, KR; Escobar Bermeo, JD; Warton, K; Valenzuela, SM
2021-12-24Order-disorder transitions of cytoplasmic N-termini in the mechanisms of P-type ATPases.Hossain, KR; Clayton, D; Goodchild, SC; Rodger, A; Payne, RJ; Cornelius, F; Clarke, RJ
2020-02Penetration of phospholipid membranes by poly-l-lysine depends on cholesterol and phospholipid composition.Gorman, A; Hossain, KR; Cornelius, F; Clarke, RJ
2020-10Physiological roles of transverse lipid asymmetry of animal membranes.Clarke, RJ; Hossain, KR; Cao, K
2019-01-08Polar Interactions Play an Important Role in the Energetics of the Main Phase Transition of Phosphatidylcholine MembranesGarcia, A; Zou, H; Hossain, KR; Xu, QH; Buda, A; Clarke, RJ
2020-02Polarity of the ATP binding site of the Na<sup>+</sup>,K<sup>+</sup>-ATPase, gastric H<sup>+</sup>,K<sup>+</sup>-ATPase and sarcoplasmic reticulum Ca<sup>2+</sup>-ATPase.Hossain, KR; Li, X; Zhang, T; Paula, S; Cornelius, F; Clarke, RJ
2018-01-01Versatile multicolor nanodiamond probes for intracellular imaging and targeted labelingBray, K; Cheung, L; Hossain, KR; Aharonovich, I; Valenzuela, SM; Shimoni, O
2017-10-31X-ray and Neutron Reflectivity Study Shows That CLIC1 Undergoes Cholesterol-Dependent Structural Reorganization in Lipid MonolayersHossain, KR; Holt, SA; Le Brun, AP; Al Khamici, H; Valenzuela, SM