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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020-08-01A review of the track shapes, cross-fall, race dynamics and injury rates for RWWAEager, D; Hossain, MI; Hayati, H; Mahdavi, F
2021-10-01Additional criteria for playground impact attenuating sandEager, D; Chapman, C; Qi, Y; Ishac, K; Hossain, MI
2017-11-01Alternative track design for Tweed Heads (Options A to D)Eager, D; Hossain, MI
2023Antibody response to different COVID-19 vaccines among the migrant workers of Bangladesh.Hossain, MI; Sarker, P; Raqib, R; Rahman, MZ; Hasan, R; Svezia, CK; Rahman, M; Amin, N
2019-01-29Ballarat track analysis 1 July 2015 to 30 June 2018Mahdavi, F; Hossain, MI; Stephenson, R; Thomas, N; Hayati, H; Eager, D
2020-08-01Cannington, Mandurah and Northam greyhound racing tracks: Report 1 – A review of the track shapes, cross-falls, race dynamics and injury ratesEager, D; Hossain, MI; Hayati, H; Mahdavi, F
2020-09-30Catching pen design -- Report 1: A review of catching pen critical dimensionsEager, D; Hossain, MI
2021-04-28Catching pen design – Report 2: A review of Sandown catching pen Designs 1 and 2Eager, D; Hossain, MI
2023-01-01CNN-Based Handwriting Analysis for the Prediction of Autism Spectrum DisorderNawer, N; Parvez, MZ; Hossain, MI; Barua, PD; Rahim, M; Chakraborty, S
2021-09-01Comparison of the existing Devonport greyhound track with the proposed North West C-shaped greyhound trackEager, D; Hossain, MI
2016-09-08A Comparison of the Track Shape of Wentworth Park and Proposed Murray BridgeHossain, MI; Hayati, H; Eager, D
2022-06-12Cranbourne 2-turn track rebuilt options reportEager, D; Hossain, MI
2019-01-04Cranbourne design analysisEager, D; Hossain, MI
2018-09-05Cranbourne track reviewEager, D; Mahdavi, F; Hossain, MI
2019-01-04Cranbourne: preliminary review of the path dynamics for a 57 m 1-turn and 2-turn track designEager, D; Hossain, MI
2022-09-01Delineating Flood Zones upon Employing Synthetic Aperture Data for the 2020 Flood in BangladeshAziz, MA; Moniruzzaman, M; Tripathi, A; Hossain, MI; Ahmed, S; Rahaman, KR; Rahman, F; Ahmed, R
2019-06-24Design analysis for the Proposed Goulbourn track (drawing no. 5143)Eager, D; Hossain, MI
2019-02-28Forces on greyhounds as they negotiate bendsEager, D; Hossain, MI
2017-09-26The Gardens starting box alignment analysisEager, D; Hossain, MI
2021-11-05Greater Brisbane Greyhound Centre: An analysis of the catching pens for the three pre-construction tracksHossain, MI; Eager, D