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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016-01-01808 nm photocontrolled UCL imaging guided chemo/photothermal synergistic therapy with single UCNPs-CuS@PAA nanocompositeLiu, B; Li, C; Xie, Z; Hou, Z; Cheng, Z; Jin, D; Lin, J
2020-09Au2Pt-PEG-Ce6 nanoformulation with dual nanozyme activities for synergistic chemodynamic therapy / phototherapy.Wang, M; Chang, M; Chen, Q; Wang, D; Li, C; Hou, Z; Lin, J; Jin, D; Xing, B
2022-01-01Dual-Band Aperture-Shared High Gain Antenna for Millimeter-Wave Multi-Beam and Sub-6 GHz Communication ApplicationsZhu, J; Yang, Y; Hou, Z; Liao, S; Xue, Q
2020-02-01Experimental realization of self-guided quantum process tomographyHou, Z; Tang, JF; Ferrie, C; Xiang, GY; Li, CF; Guo, GC
2019-01-30Free-Standing Three-Dimensional CuCo2S4 Nanosheet Array with High Catalytic Activity as an Efficient Oxygen Electrode for Lithium-Oxygen Batteries.Long, J; Hou, Z; Shu, C; Han, C; Li, W; Huang, R; Wang, J
2018-04-01Managing high-performance computing applications as an on-demand service on federated cloudsHou, Z; Wang, Y; Sui, Y; Gu, J; Zhao, T; Zhou, X
2019-05-01A Millimeter-Wave Reconfigurable On-Chip Coupler with Tunable Power-Dividing RatiosYang, Y; Hou, Z; Zhu, X; Che, W; Xue, Q
2017-11-08Nanoparticles of Short Cationic Peptidopolysaccharide Self-Assembled by Hydrogen Bonding with Antibacterial Effect against Multidrug-Resistant BacteriaHou, Z; Shankar, YV; Liu, Y; Ding, F; Subramanion, JL; Ravikumar, V; Zamudio-Vázquez, R; Keogh, D; Lim, H; Tay, MYF; Bhattacharjya, S; Rice, SA; Shi, J; Duan, H; Liu, XW; Mu, Y; Tan, NS; Tam, KC; Pethe, K; Chan-Park, MB
2016-01-01Optimization of upconversion luminescence of Nd<sup>3+</sup>-sensitized BaGdF<inf>5</inf>-based nanostructures and their application in dual-modality imaging and drug deliveryHe, F; Li, C; Zhang, X; Chen, Y; Deng, X; Liu, B; Hou, Z; Huang, S; Jin, D; Lin, J
2016-03-28Rational design of a comprehensive cancer therapy platform using temperature-sensitive polymer grafted hollow gold nanospheres: Simultaneous chemo/photothermal/photodynamic therapy triggered by a 650 nm laser with enhanced anti-tumor efficacyDeng, X; Chen, Y; Cheng, Z; Deng, K; Ma, P; Hou, Z; Liu, B; Huang, S; Jin, D; Lin, J
2017-11-27Recent Progress in Near Infrared Light Triggered Photodynamic TherapyDeng, K; Li, C; Huang, S; Xing, B; Jin, D; Zeng, Q; Hou, Z; Lin, J
2019Understanding the public interest puzzle in china’s public relations: The role of balance and counterbalance based on confucian great harmonyHou, Z
2022-11-01Unsupervised Anomaly Detection for Surface Defects With Dual-Siamese NetworkTao, X; Zhang, D; Ma, W; Hou, Z; Lu, ZF; Adak, C