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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021-02-01A Grover-search based quantum learning scheme for classificationDu, Y; Hsieh, MH; Liu, T; Tao, D
2011-10-26Adaptively correcting quantum errors with entanglementFujiwara, Y; Hsieh, MH
2011-09-01The apex of the family tree of protocols: Optimal rates and resource inequalitiesDatta, N; Hsieh, MH
2023-07-01Approximate reconstructability of quantum states and noisy quantum secret sharing schemesOuyang, Y; Goswami, K; Romero, J; Sanders, BC; Hsieh, MH; Tomamichel, M
2014-11-24Asymptotic state discrimination and a strict hierarchy in distinguishability normsChitambar, E; Hsieh, MH
2022-01-01c<sup>3</sup>-Locally Testable Codes from Lossless ExpandersLin, TC; Hsieh, MH
2014-01-01Catalytic quantum error correctionBrun, TA; Devetak, I; Hsieh, MH
2016-11-01Channel Simulation and Coded Source CompressionHsieh, MH; Watanabe, S
2016-03-01Characterizations of matrix and operator-valued Φ-entropies, and operator Efron-Stein inequalitiesCheng, HC; Hsieh, MH
2015-08-27Classical Analog to Entanglement ReversibilityChitambar, E; Fortescue, B; Hsieh, MH
2008-07-21Classical enhancement of quantum-error-correcting codesKremsky, I; Hsieh, MH; Brun, TA
2015-07-13Compatibility of state assignments and pooling of informationBrun, TA; Hsieh, MH; Perry, C
2014-01-01A complete MacWilliams theorem for convolutional codesLai, CY; Hsieh, MH; Lu, HF
2016-10-01Concavity of the Auxiliary Function for Classical-Quantum ChannelsCheng, HC; Hsieh, MH
2018-11-01The Conditional Common Information in Classical and Quantum Secret Key DistillationChitambar, E; Fortescue, B; Hsieh, MH
2018-08-15Construction and Performance of Quantum Burst Error Correction Codes for Correlated ErrorsFan, J; Hsieh, MH; Chen, H; Li, Y
2015-01-01Distributions attaining secret key at a rate of the conditional mutual informationChitambar, E; Fortescue, B; Hsieh, MH
2019-07-01Duality between source coding with quantum side information and c-q channel codingCheng, HC; Hanson, EP; Datta, N; Hsieh, MH
2022-11-01Duality Between Source Coding With Quantum Side Information and Classical-Quantum Channel CodingCheng, HC; Hanson, EP; Datta, N; Hsieh, MH
2011-10-26Entanglement boosts quantum turbo codesWilde, MM; Hsieh, MH