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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015-11-27Administrative TerritoryCartier, C; Hu, D; Goodman, D
2018-11-28'Building Relationships between Cities and Towns in China: The Emerging City System in Chongqing'Cartier, C; Hu, D
2017-10-02Design and control optimization of linear induction motor drive for efficiency improvementHu, D; Xu, W; Lei, G; Zhu, J
2022-01-01Dynamic Analysis of a Novel Zero-Stiffness Vibration Isolator by Considering Frictional Force InvolvedYe, K; Ji, JC; Hu, D
2017-11-03Dynamic loss minimization control of linear induction machineHu, D; Xu, W; DIan, R; Liu, Y; Zhu, J
2022-12Genomic dissection of the microevolution of Australian epidemic Bordetella pertussis.Xu, Z; Hu, D; Luu, LDW; Octavia, S; Keil, AD; Sintchenko, V; Tanaka, MM; Mooi, FR; Robson, J; Lan, R
2018-10-01An improved speed sensorless control strategy for linear induction machines based on extended state observer for linear metro drivesDian, R; Xu, W; Zhu, J; Hu, D; Liu, Y
2018-03-01Improving SDN Scalability with Protocol-Oblivious Source Routing: A System-Level StudyLi, S; Han, K; Ansari, N; Bao, Q; Hu, D; Liu, J; Yu, S; Zhu, Z
2018-09-01Loss Minimization Control of Linear Induction Motor Drive for Linear MetrosHu, D; Xu, W; Dian, R; Liu, Y; Zhu, J
2019Robust Flux Estimation Method for Linear Induction Motors Based on Improved Extended State ObserversXu, W; Dian, R; Liu, Y; Hu, D; Zhu, J
2020-11-12Suzhou and the City-region: The Administrative Divisions in Historical Perspective and Rural-Urban TransitionHu, D; Cartier, C; Bebei Tang, PC
2019-10-03System-level efficiency optimization of a linear induction motor drive systemXu, W; Hu, D; Lei, G; Zhu, J