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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Dec-2006Analysis and visualization of co-authorship networks for understanding academic collaboration and knowledge domain of individual researchersHuang, TH; Huang, ML
1-Apr-2016Enabling decision trend analysis with interactive scatter plot matrices visualizationWang, WB; Huang, ML; Nguyen, QV; Huang, W; Zhang, K; Huang, TH
1-Dec-2012An interactive scatter plot metrics visualization for decision trend analysisHuang, TH; Huang, ML; Zhang, K
1-Dec-2012A new axes Re-ordering method in parallel coordinates visualizationLu, LF; Huang, ML; Huang, TH
1-Feb-2016A novel virtual node approach for interactive visual analytics of big datasets in parallel coordinatesHuang, ML; Huang, TH; Zhang, X
5-Sep-2011Optimized data acquisition by time series clustering in OPCHuang, TH; Song, X; Huang, ML
28-Nov-2011Parallel rough set: Dimensionality reduction and feature discovery of multi-dimensional data in visualizationHuang, TH; Huang, ML; Jin, JS
Jan-2004Photonic crystal based Mach-Zehnder interferometerWhite, TP; de Sterke, CM; McPhedran, RC; Botten, LC; Huang, TH; Eggleton, B; Sampson, D; Engana, SF; Mitchell, A; Jackson, S; Ankiewicz, A; Sellars, M; dr Sterke, M; Roberts, A; Lam, PK
1-Jan-2014A Space-Filling Multidimensional Visualization (SFMDVis) for exploratory data analysisHuang, TH; Huang, ML; Nguyen, QV; Zhao, L
1-Jun-2017A Space-Filling Multidimensional Visualization (SFMDVis) for Exploratory Data AnalysisHuang, TH; Huang, ML; Nguyen, QV; Zhao, L; Huang, W; Chen, J
19-Nov-2009TreemapBar: Visualizing additional dimensions of data in bar chartHuang, ML; Huang, TH; Zhang, J
1-Dec-2007Visualization of individual's knowledge by analyzing the citation networksHuang, TH; Huang, ML