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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jul-2017Addressing tensions that exist when making objective evaluative judgements in small learning and teaching projects in higher educationHuber, E
13-Jun-2016An analysis of internally funded learning and teaching project evaluation in higher educationHuber, E; Harvey, M
2007Applying authentic learning to Social Science: A learning design for an inter-disciplinary Sociology subjectBorthwick, F; Lefoe, G; Bennett, S; Huber, E
1-Jan-2013Design and development of examples to support authentic professional learning: A participative processHuber, E; Arthur, L; An, S
Feb-2012The Design of a Meta-Evaluation Study of Learning and Teaching Projects in Higher EducationHuber, E; Harvey, M
2-Nov-2015Designing your Flipped Classroom: an evidence-based framework to guide the flipped teacher and the flipped learnerReyna, JL; Davila, Y; Huber, E
4-Jul-2011Development of the New Academic: The Case for Blended DeliveryHandal, B; Huber, E; Krause, K; Buckridge; Grimmer; Purbrick-Illek, S
3-Jul-2017Engaging with academic integrity: A focus on the teacherHuber, E; Coady, O
2016Enhancing engagement in flipped learning across undergraduate Science using the Flipped Teacher and Flipped Learner FrameworkDavila, YC; Reyna Zeballos, J; Huber, E; Meier, P
1-Dec-2010Evaluating cybergogy: Early adopters of wikis and student engagementCollins, L; Huber, E; Groom, D
19-Nov-2012Expanding the horizons of professional learning: A foundations alumni networkHarvey, M; Huber, E
2-Dec-2015The Flipped Teacher and the Flipped Learner FrameworkReyna Zeballos, JL; Davila, YC; Huber, E
1-Nov-2017Improving the undergraduate Science experience through an evidence-based framework for design, implementation and evaluation of flipped learningDavila, YC; Huber, E; Reyna Zeballos, J; Meier, P; Partridge, H; Davis, K; Thomas, J
1-Jan-2017Introducing a new learning and teaching evaluation planning framework for small internally funded projects in higher educationHuber, E
1-Jan-2012Leading by Example: The start of a journey towards transformation of teaching practice in the online spaceHuber, E; An, S
2014Macquarie University ‘Smart’Partnership ProgramCarter, H; Huber, E; Nicolson, F; Arthur, L
2016Project evaluation in higher education: a study of contextual issuesHuber, E; Harvey, M
1-May-2017Reflecting on higher education evaluation praxis : an empirical studyHuber, E
2012Reflection, Speed Dating, and Word Clouds Evaluating a writing group for early-career researchersBosanquet, A; McNeill, M; Huber, E; Cahir, J; Jacenyik-Trawoger, C