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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021-01-01Attitudes, barriers and facilitators of hospital pharmacists conducting practice-based research: a systematic reviewReali, S; Lee, T; Bishop, J; Mirkov, S; Johnson, J; McCourt, E; Hughes, J; Pont, L; Page, AT; Penm, J
2007-08-01A biologically-inspired multi-agent framework for autonomic service managementChiang, F; Braun, R; Hughes, J
2017-04-26Low-Frequency Spectral Energy Distributions of Radio Pulsars Detected with the Murchison Widefield ArrayMurphy, T; Kaplan, DL; Bell, ME; Callingham, JR; Croft, S; Johnston, S; Dobie, D; Zic, A; Hughes, J; Lynch, C; Hancock, P; Hurley-Walker, N; Lenc, E; Dwarakanath, KS; For, BQ; Gaensler, BM; Hindson, L; Johnston-Hollitt, M; Kapińska, AD; McKinley, B; Morgan, J; Offringa, AR; Procopio, P; Staveley-Smith, L; Wayth, R; Wu, C; Zheng, Q
2015-08-01Nationwide collaborative development of learning outcomes and exemplar standards for Australian pharmacy programmesStupans, I; McAllister, S; Clifford, R; Hughes, J; Krass, I; March, G; Owen, S; Woulfe, J
2019-12-31Rural Water Policy in Africa and AsiaHope, R; Foster, T; Koehler, J; Thomson, P; Dadson, S; Garrick, D; Penning-Rowsell, E; Hall, J; Hope, R; Hughes, J
2012TLR2 ligand engagement upregulates airway smooth muscle TNFa-induced cytokine productionManetsch, M; Seidel, P; Heintz, U; Che, W; Hughes, J; Ge, Q; Sukkar, M; Ammit, A
2002-01Use of a Bob-Behnken experimental design for the optimisation of the capillary zone electrophoretic anaysis of ethambutol hydrochloride and its impurities in a pharmaceutical tabletCampbell, R; Macka, M; Hughes, J; Petocz, P