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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2010-01Australian Energy Resource AssessmentSandu, S; Jaques, L; Bradshaw, M; Carson, L; Budd, A; Huleatt, M; Hutchinson, D; Lambert, I; LePoidevin, S; McKay, A; Miezitis, Y; Sait, R; Zhu, R; Hughes, M; Ball, A; Cuevas-Cubria, C; Copeland, A; Hogan, L; Lampard, M; Maliyasena, A; New, R; Penney, K; Petchey, R; McCallum, R; Warr, S
2012-08-01Autism and the Cognitive Processing Triad: A Case for Revising the Criteria in the Diagnostic and Statistical ManualCashin, A; Gallagher, H; Newman, C; Hughes, M
2020-02-09Harmony across Music, Visuals and Movement in a New Audio-visual Gestural PerformanceIlsar, A; Hughes, M
2020Immerse: Game Engines for Audio-Visual Art in the Future of Ubiquitous Mixed RealityHughes, M; Garcia, J; Wilcox, F; Sazdov, R; Johnston, A; Bluff, A
2013-01Improving the effectiveness of green local development: The role and impact of public sector-led initiatives in renewable energyMartinez-Fernandez, C; Sharpe, SA; Hughes, M; Avellaner, DSC
2011-07-12Metagenomics.Gilbert, JA; Laverock, B; Temperton, B; Thomas, S; Muhling, M; Hughes, M
2020-01-01Nime or mime: A sound-first approach to developing an audio-visual gestural instrumentIlsar, A; Hughes, M; Johnston, A
2009-01Obesity, tourism and discrimination? An investigation of airline 'customer of size' policiesHarris, C; Small, J; Carlsen, J; Hughes, M; Holmes, K; Jones, R
2015-01-01Symptoms and fear in heart failure patients approaching end of life: A mixed methods studyAbshire, M; Xu, J; Dennison Himmelfarb, C; Davidson, P; Sulmasy, D; Kub, J; Hughes, M; Nolan, M
2018Trigger Happy VisualisedIlsar, A; Hughes, M