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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2023-01-01Editorial: Climate change and/or pollution on the carbon cycle in terrestrial ecosystemsLin, J; Hui, D; Kumar, A; Yu, Z; Huang, Y
2024-02-01Heavily modified freshwater: Potential ecological indicatorsKumar, A; Huang, Y; Lin, J; Hui, D; Fohrer, N
2015-09-01Indicators of integration of oncology and palliative care programs: An international consensusHui, D; Bansal, S; Strasser, F; Morita, T; Caraceni, A; Davis, M; Cherny, N; Kaasa, S; Currow, D; Abernethy, A; Nekolaichuk, C; Bruera, E
2018-11-01Integration of oncology and palliative care: a Lancet Oncology CommissionKaasa, S; Loge, JH; Aapro, M; Albreht, T; Anderson, R; Bruera, E; Brunelli, C; Caraceni, A; Cervantes, A; Currow, DC; Deliens, L; Fallon, M; Gómez-Batiste, X; Grotmol, KS; Hannon, B; Haugen, DF; Higginson, IJ; Hjermstad, MJ; Hui, D; Jordan, K; Kurita, GP; Larkin, PJ; Miccinesi, G; Nauck, F; Pribakovic, R; Rodin, G; Sjøgren, P; Stone, P; Zimmermann, C; Lundeby, T
2021-04Management of Dyspnea in Advanced Cancer: ASCO Guideline.Hui, D; Bohlke, K; Bao, T; Campbell, TC; Coyne, PJ; Currow, DC; Gupta, A; Leiser, AL; Mori, M; Nava, S; Reinke, LF; Roeland, EJ; Seigel, C; Walsh, D; Campbell, ML
2023-03-01Nonlinear dynamic stability analysis of axial impact loaded structures via the nonlocal strain gradient theoryLi, Q; Wu, D; Gao, W; Hui, D
2016-03-01Opioids, Exertion, and Dyspnea: A Review of the EvidenceJohnson, MJ; Hui, D; Currow, DC
2023-01Should Neuroleptics Be Used in Patients With Delirium Seen by Palliative Care?Hui, D; Agar, M; Maeda, I
2018-02-01Stochastic static analysis of Euler-Bernoulli type functionally graded structuresWu, D; Gao, W; Hui, D; Gao, K; Li, K
2020-02-04Unanswered questions and future direction in the management of terminal breathlessness in patients with cancerMori, M; Yamaguchi, T; Matsuda, Y; Suzuki, K; Watanabe, H; Matsunuma, R; Kako, J; Imai, K; Usui, Y; Matsumoto, Y; Hui, D; Currow, D; Morita, T