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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-2003The absorption of gabapentin following high dose escalationBerry, DJ; Beran, RG; Plunkeft, MJ; Clarke, LA; Hung, WT
1-Dec-2002Detection of masses in digitised mammograms using dendronic image analysisNguyen, HT; Mitchell, RA; Thornton, BS; Hung, WT; Lee, W; Rickard, M
1-Dec-2003Faster Image Dendrogram Creation: An Efficient Algorithm for the Detection of Tumours in Digital MammographyMitchell, RA; Nguyen, HT; Thornton, BS; Hung, WT; Lee, W; Rickard, M
May-2003Genetic and environmental risk factors and their interactions for Parkinson's disease in a Chinese populationChan, DKY; Mellick, GD; Hung, WT; Woo, J
8-Dec-2009Improved observer dependent perception of weak edges when scanning an image in real time indicated by introducing 1/f noise into the primary visual cortex V1. Theory and experimental supportThornton-Benko, E; Nguyen, HT; Hung, WT; Thornton, BS
1-Dec-2004Mammogram object detection using dendronic image analysisMitchell, RA; Nguyen, HT; Thornton, BS; Hung, WT; Lee, W; Rickard, M
1-Sep-2011Meta-analysis of the cardiovascular benefits of intensive lipid lowering with statinsChan, DKY; O'Rourke, F; Shen, Q; Mak, JCS; Hung, WT
25-Mar-2003Strong association between N-acetyltransferase 2 genotype and PD in Hong Kong ChineseChan, DKY; Lam, MKP; Wong, R; Hung, WT; Wilcken, DEL
1-Aug-2003Treatment of recurrent aspiration pneumonia in end-stage dementia: Preferences and choices of a group of elderly nursing home residentsLow, JA; Chan, DKY; Hung, WT; Chye, R