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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-2014Brain-Computer Interface Classifier for Wheelchair Commands Using Neural Network With Fuzzy Particle Swarm OptimizationChai, R; Ling, SS; Hunter, G; Tran, YH; Nguyen, HT
Jan-2013Classification of wheelchair commands using brain computer interface: comparison between able-bodied persons and patients with tetraplegiaChai, R; Ling, SS; Hunter, G; Tran, YH; Nguyen, HT; Kenji Sunagawa
Jan-2013Feedforward Decoupling Control Method in Grid-interfaced InverterPham, H; Hunter, G; Li, L; Zhu, J; Milanovic, PJV; Bartlett, PS; Ledwich, PG; McLeod, I; Hindsberger, DM; Gamble, MS
Jan-2012FPGA-based Sensorless PMSM Drive using Reduced-Order Extended Kalman FilterNguyen, QK; Nguyen, HT; Hunter, G; Ha, QP; Truong, NV; Vo, BN
Jan-2001High Performance Electric Machines for Renewable Energy Generation and Efficient DrivesRamsden, VS; Watterson, PA; Hunter, G; Zhu, J; Holliday, B; Lovatt, H; Wu, W; Kalan, B; Collocott, SJ; Dunlop, J; Gwan, P; Mecrow, BC
Jan-2005High Torque Brushless DC Motor for a Valve ActuatorWatterson, PA; Collocott, SJ; Dunlop, J; Gwan, P; Hunter, G; Kalan, B; Lovatt, H; Chen, M; Lin, H
Jan-2002Marine Electric Hybrid Power SystemsDane, R; Watterson, PA; Holliday, B; Evans, C; Ramsden, VS; Ramaswamy, V; Hunter, G; Prandolini, L
Jan-2012Mental non-motor imagery tasks classifications of brain computer interface for wheelchair commands using genetic algorithm-based neural networkChai, R; Ling, SS; Hunter, G; Nguyen, HT; Abbass, HA
Jan-2012Mental Task Classifications Using Prefrontal Cortex Electroencephalograph SignalsChai, R; Ling, SS; Hunter, G; Nguyen, HT; Khoo, MCK
Jan-2012Microgrid Topology for Different Applications in VietnamPham, H; Hunter, G; Li, L; Zhu, J; N/A
Jan-2012A New Topology of Multi-Input Multi-Output Buck-Boost DC-DC Converter for Microgrid ApplicationsJafari, M; Hunter, G; Zhu, J; NA
Jan-2012Prospect of Renewable Energy Utilization in a Indonesian City through Microgrid ApproachPrasetya, S; Li, L; Hunter, G; Zhu, J; Ashari, M
Jan-2012Real-Time Microcontroller based Brain Computer Interface for Mental Task Classifications using Wireless EEG Signals from Two ChannelsChai, R; Hunter, G; Ling, SS; Nguyen, HT; Hellmich, C
Jan-2011A Sensorless PMSM Fundamental Mode Controller with High Dynamic Full Range Speed ControlHunter, G; NA
Jan-2012Toward Fewer EEG Channels and Better Feature Extractor of Non-Motor Imagery Mental Tasks Classification for a Wheelchair Thought ControllerChai, R; Ling, SS; Hunter, G; Nguyen, HT; Khoo, MCK